Mega Apologies

Just when you get to grips with technology, it always breaks! I was just getting into the swing of things with my blog, getting it properly launched and grounded, when my laptop breaks. I turn it on, the screen is black, and now it’s gone away to the land of PC World to be fixed…for TWO WEEKS!!

Lost without my laptop, I have been unable to do any work to my blog, and I’m really sorry to anyone who has missed it!

However, now I have commandeered various friends’ and family members’ laptops, I can try to update as regularly as possible with my gluten free goings-on!

Firstly, I have managed to persuade my boss that we should do gluten free cream teas at work, so am currently working on finding a good scone mixture! If anyone has some good recipes – please forward them my way!

I’m also going to try working on getting gluten free ice cream cones next… watch this space!

Found some great items in Sainsbury’s to review this week too – coming up is gluten free chicken soup (which I’ve waited 9 years to find!!), toffee cereal bars and muffins!

Once again, sorry for my lack of updates, and until I get my laptop back I will try my best to update when I can!



  1. Stephanie Palmer
    April 11, 2010 / 12:49

    I know that in some of the larger Sainsbury’s they sell the gluten free ice cream cones. I used to buy cornets, which were a bit like cornettos, I think they were made by Swedish Glace, but haven’t seen them for about a year – hope you manage to find some of them as they were really delicious, and from my point of view dairy free too, as I haven’t been able to track them down!!
    Keep up the good work!!

  2. gluten free princess
    April 12, 2010 / 01:26

    hello from the states!! i also work in a tea room & i also have a coulpe of great reciepes for scones use a gluten free flour mix. i will have to send at a later moment. i dont know how to except to write it out here. both are yummy & quite versitel. (sorry, spelling doesnt come very easy for me.)ill try to send it tomorrow after work. by the way, i like your blog.

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