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After finding a rather large parcel from The Gluten Free Kitchen on my doorstep last week, I was suprised (and extremely pleased!) to find the samples they had sent me included a delicious looking coffee and walnut cake.

Obviously I had to take a slice for artistic purposes.....

Following much deliberation, I decided that even in the name of product-testing, hogging all this cake to myself would be very greedy (and downright mean after following the hungry eyes of my curious housemates) so I decided that sharing it would be a sensible idea!

Tentatively I unwrapped the cake from it’s bubble-wrap housing, eager to see what was underneath. The result was a sticky, moist looking cake – slathered in icing and deliciously sweet-looking – just the way it should be!

A little on the small side for £7.10, I decided that as all gluten free products are over-priced, it was definitely going to be all down to the taste.

Luckily, the results were DEFINITELY positive!

Sweet, with a generous portion of icing and a rich, moist sponge, I thought this was a breath of fresh air compared to the usual dry, crumbly gluten-free products.

I was also suprised to learn that the cake was dairy-free too, as the icing tasted similar to butter icing with that same rich consistency and flavour.

The crunchy walnuts on top added the perfect texture to this product and definitely gave it a good flavour.

A good ratio of cake to icing, this is perfect with a mug of hot tea or would make a gorgeous birthday cake for anyone – coeliac or dairy-free!

Overall – I was very impressed with this cake, and to put it to the ultimate test I fed it to my non-gluten-free panel….

The non-gluten-free panel/housemates put it to the test!

With so much cake to go round, I definitely got a range of opinions on this product!

First up: The family…

Whilst Dad scoffed it down mumbling that it was good somewhere between mouthfuls, Mum found this a bit sweet and said you can tell that it is gluten free from the texture. I wouldn’t necessarily say this is a bad point, but it’s good to have a comparison as I can’t remember what normal cake tastes like anymore!

Second: The housemates…

Beautifully posing for this photo (Thanks Craig, Linzi and Sam!) the verdict was good here – with everyone enjoying the cake and not really noticing a difference between this gluten-free cake and its “normal” equivalent.

So overall it’s a crowd-pleaser. A few mixed comparisons on how close this is to “the real thing” but in it’s own right the cake was enjoyed by everyone.

A real treat, and it doesn’t skimp on the icing either (my pet hate!)

It’s just a shame it’s all gone now…..

To order this Coffee and Walnut Cake, or to browse the other yummy products from the Gluten Free Kitchen, click here. More reviews coming soon!

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