Lemony Fresh

If you want a sweet gluten free treat, then Kent & Fraser’s Lemon Butter Shortbread are perfect.

It may look innocent, but these are so addictive!

Buttery, crumbly and deliciously melting, these little shortbreads have the perfect tang to them.

Dusted with a sparkling coating of sugar, these cute little biscuits come in packs of two, perfect for lunch boxes.

The crumbly texture to the biscuits proves that gluten free ingredients are made for shortbread.

The texture of the biscuits is incredibly light, and they have the perfect melt-in-your mouth composition.

Perfect for a sunny day, the buttery sweetness of the biscuit is infused with just the right amount of lemony tang, leaving a fresh flavour in your mouth.

These little bites of sunshine are packed full of flavour, and really will leave you craving more!

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