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On my first (ever!) trip into Waitrose this week, I found myself loitering over a whole new range of gluten free products I’d never seen (or been able to afford) before!

Isabel's gluten free pizza base miz, available at Waitrose

Being on a very tight shoestring budget, I decided to treat myself to something I hadn’t tried before – and Isabel’s pizza base mix was exactly what I needed!

I had heard good reviews about this before and decided to give it a whirl!

The mix is made from cassava starch, an ingredient I’ve never used before, so I was intrigued to know how it would turn out!

The recipe is easy to make – just add water, an egg and some olive oil to the packet mix and knead it together!

The result was suprising – I expected the usual sticky sludge that gluten free flour creates – but this was something else!

The dough was actually pliable! I was able to knead it with my hand with no sticky mess to deal with as a result.

The dough is designed to be used to create a thin crust pizza, something I had not considered due to the fact I have no rolling pin in my student house….

Note to self, buy a rolling pin....

Working on plan B, I decided to (attempt to) roll out the dough to the desired 2mm with a jar of pasta sauce.

However, as I quickly gave up on this, the pizza ended up being a little thicker than I intended!

Topped with cheese and pepperoni, I couldn’t wait to tuck into the base!

After being so easy to make, I had no idea what to expect when I took the first bite…

I was actually really suprised by the texture of this base!

I don’t know if it was due to the thickness of the base, but it was almost a chewy texture, like nothing I had ever tasted before!

The base had a good taste, nothing too overpowering, and didn’t go soggy or crumbly at all.

It was kind of chewy, with a crunchy edge, it literally was completely unique!

I was really impressed with this pizza base mix, and next time I shall definitely be investing in a rolling pin next time so I can try the thin and crispy version as it was intended to be!

For more information and to purchase this mix, visit Isabel’s website here.

Have you tried this mix? What is your favourite pizza base – is a mix or do you make it yourself? Comment below and let me know!

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  1. Isabels pizza mix is brilliant – and good value as you get 4 pizzas out of a box for £2.50.
    There is also a cheese bread mix – from Waitrose too – and that makes a great gf alternative to garlic bread.

  2. I have to say I thought it was pretty great value too, and that cheese bread sounds good, think I might be going back to Waitrose this week!

  3. I had your pizza mix while on a visit to England. My question to you would be—–When will this product be available in the U.S.??

  4. Hi Millie, Isabel’s are trying hard to find a distributor to get our products in the US – please keep a close watch on our space. :o)