Gluten free pizzas at Pig on the Hill, Westward Ho!

Gluten free pizzas at Pig on the Hill, Westward Ho!

I think I’ve just found my new favourite gluten free pizzas. Thin bases, crisped to perfection and packed with toppings – Pig on the Hill in Westward Ho! has officially stolen the crown.

Oh my.......
Oh my…….

Located at the top of Westward Ho!, you might never know Pig on the Hill was there – but it is a hidden gem that definitely needs to be explored. I was so excited when they offered me a chance to try their brand new gluten free pizzas, as I had heard nothing but people raving about how amazing this place was.

I wasn’t disappointed at all when we pulled up. With a large beer garden and surrounded by rolling fields, there was a fantastic outdoor decking with quirky benches I could just see being filled to the brim in the summer.

Inside the Pig is split into two – a glass-fronted restaurant, intimate and cosy, and a large, welcoming bar. The Pig underwent a big refurbishment recently and it just looks incredible. Fresh and modern with that warm, pub feel – it felt like the kind of place I just wanted to hang out in during the summer. Perfect for pizza.

The pizza menu is at the bar and is clearly marked – ‘non gluten options available’. All of the toppings sounded amazing, though I was surprised that there was no pepperoni!! How would I cope? Luckily, turns out it is possible to have an amazing pizza without it – who knew!?


Aside from this startling revelation, I coerced Steve into going gluten free as well so that we could go halves. In the end we opted for The Perfect Pig (Devon ground beef, pulled pork, pancetta, peppers, fresh tomato sauce, mozzarella) and The Devon Warmer (Roasted chorizo, chicken, fresh chillies, fresh tomato sauce, mozzarella, roasted red onion, chorizo) – see the menu here for the other options!

I also asked about whether the skinny fries and garlic bread were gluten free. The chips, sadly, were not (good thing too as I had no room for them!!) but the waiter said he would go back and check what they could do about the garlic bread. Shortly after, he emerged with this…

Delicious gluten free garlic pizza bread!
Delicious gluten free garlic pizza bread!

Gluten free garlic pizza bread!!! Oh it was so delicious – slightly more than I had been expecting between Steve and I, as we scoffed pretty much the whole thing before our pizzas came out! I would say this would be great between a group but between the two of us it was quite a lot! So amazing though, with roasted garlic cloves and dripping with salty garlic butter – it gave me a hint of what was to come!

The pizzas arrived pretty quickly and my eyes bulged at the very sight of them! They were loaded with toppings – exactly how they should be! I was so impressed the Pig hadn’t skimped out at all, these really looked amazing. I caught sight of some of the ‘normal’ pizzas going to other tables – although they looked a bit more ‘rustic’, I was impressed that the gluten free ones were a similar size.

Our gluten free pizza feast at Pig on the Hill.
Our gluten free pizza feast at Pig on the Hill.

The Perfect Pig also came with the surprise addition of what I think was dollops of apple sauce – I loved this and thought it went so well with the toppings, though Steve wasn’t as keen – he doesn’t like to mix sweet and savoury so much! I happily scooped the lot onto my half.

The pizzas were delicious – the bases were just the right crispiness, the toppings were perfectly matched and every bite was full of flavour. I had no complaints at all.

We were desperate to try dessert too and feeling pretty stuffed, so the waiter kindly boxed up our remaining slices for us to enjoy at home (I had mine for breakfast – so good!). Then it was time for pudding!

If the pizzas were impressive, then the dessert menu was something else! I expected the usual fruit salad to make an appearance – but no, this was the perfect example of how a gluten free dessert menu should look! Other restaurants – take note!

So many gluten free desserts!
So many gluten free desserts!

There was no question – I was going for the cheesecake! Steve opted for the Piggy Mess, which I was glad about as I really wanted to try that too so I got to sneak a mouthful! Both desserts arrived quickly and were beautifully presented and generously portioned.

My gluten free cheesecake
My gluten free cheesecake

My dessert looked beautiful. I’l be honest, I was a tad disappointed it wasn’t a cheesecake as such – more the cheesecake topping without the biscuit. But the flavours soon made up for that. Dark chocolate sorbet was incredible and paired with the tangy rhubarb and a hint of ginger, it was fantastic. I was so happy with my choice.

Steve’s Piggy Mess was brimming over and equally as impressive. Packed with generous amounts of berries, lemon curd and meringue, it was a proper treat and I’m not entirely sure how we managed to roll ourselves out of the Pig. We certainly pigged out!

Piggy mess!
Piggy mess!

I literally cannot recommend the Pig on the Hill enough for it’s gluten free options. If you’re looking for a gluten free restaurant in North Devon, no matter where you are staying, you have to come here. In fact, even if you’re not gluten free and you just love food – you still have to come here! It’s definitely shot to the top of my list as one of my favourite places in North Devon. I’m already planning my next trip!

You can find the Pig on the Hill in Pusehill, Westward Ho!, North Devon. View their full gluten free menu on their website here as well as reading a bit more about them.

*The Pig on the Hill kindly offered me complimentary pizzas and drinks in return for a review, but all views are my honest held opinion. They really are amazing!



  1. Naomi
    May 16, 2015 / 12:28

    Oh wow! They look so flippin’ good! Xx

  2. Laura
    April 2, 2016 / 08:39

    Gluten free pizza at Pig on Hill looks good and they have a promising gluten free menu but they can’t always deliver. Went there recently and pre-ordered as we were a group. However despite over a weeks notice they did not have ANY gluten free bread and served me a lump of pate on a plate expecting that would be OK.

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