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If you want a beautiful city full of friendly faces, amazing buildings and the best gluten free places to eat, then Glasgow is a must-visit – and it’s great for gluten free too.

I recently visited this city for the Allergy and Free From Show and was blown away by how many gluten free Glasgow restaurants, cafes and eateries there were.

From Chinese and pancakes to pizza and curry, there seems to be a lot of coeliac-friendly restaurants to explore.

I only managed to visit a few places during my short trip, but I thought I’d compile a list of the gluten free places to eat in Glasgow which I visited, as well as the gluten free Glasgow restaurants recommended to me.

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I’ve also included a handy gluten free Glasgow map at the end of this post with all the places I was told I must visit!

First off I’ll start with the gluten free Glasgow restaurants which I managed to test out myself. These were all correct at the time of visiting (March 8) but please always double check with your server about gluten free.

If you have any suggestions or additions to the list then please do comment below and share them!

Gluten free places to eat in Glasgow

These are all places I ate gluten free in Glasgow during my trip. I had a really great experience with helpful staff in all these places and never got ill.

Pizza Punks

pizza punks gluten free glasgow restaurants

I was desperate to not leave my hotel room on my first night in the city so I ordered Pizza Punks on Deliveroo after it came hotly recommended. They offer gluten free pizza bases (as a £1 surcharge) but you can choose any combination of toppings with no extra hidden costs.

My gluten free Pizza from Pizza Punks in Glasgow was amazing and next time I visit I’ll definitely be heading to the restaurant to try it again. 

Find it: Pizza Punks, 90 St Vincent St, Glasgow G2 5UB. See their menu online here.

Stack and Still

stack and still gluten free glasgow restaurants 2

Stack and Still has several outlets around Glasgow and they serve pancakes galore – including gluten free ones! Warning: they are very filling!

I opted for a double stack with apple and cinnamon and pecan nuts, which I then drowned in syrup! The menu was easy to navigate and the server was great – she asked if it was an allergy as soon as I said gluten free and then brought me over the allergen folder with all the toppings clearly labelled.

I’d definitely recommend here and next time I’ll be trying a savoury stack!

Find it: Stack and Still, 100-108, W George St, Glasgow G2 1PJ (and other locations throughout the city). See their menu online here.

Wildflours Gluten Free Bakery

wildflours gluten free glasgow restaurants 2

Ok, so I didn’t actually make it to Wildflours Gluten Free Bakery itself (it’s located a little outside of the city centre) but I did try their INCREDIBLE gluten free Danish pastries at The Allergy & Free From Show.

Had I not see them there, I absolutely would have made the trip! These were recommended to me as a must-visit by SO many people. And I can see why!

Their puff pastry was incredible and they did a whole range of other goodies which looked amazing. If you’re visiting Glasgow you have to try and get out to see them.

Find it: 526 Kilmarnock Rd, Glasgow G43 2BL. See their website here.

Lychee Oriental

lychee oriental gluten free glasgow restaurants 2

I was SO EXCITED at the prospect of a gluten free Chinese restaurant that I made a beeline straight for this place for dinner.

I spent a lovely evening here with the wonderful Nathalie from Intolerant Gourmand, and boy did we put their menu to the test! They have a completely separate gluten free menu and the choice was so impressive.

I opted for salt n chilli tofu for a starter, which was honestly out of this world! I then had chicken in black bean sauce, which I haven’t managed to eat in YEARS. This used to be my absolutely favourite and I was so happy I could cry! A highly recommended gluten free restaurant in Glasgow.

Find it: Lychee Oriental, 59 Mitchell St, Glasgow G1 3LN. See their gluten free menu online here.

Gluten free at Glasgow airport

gluten free glasgow restaurants 2

I didn’t have a huge amount of time at Glasgow airport but there were a few pubs and places to eat. I ate at Frankie and Benny’s which has a gluten free menu, but there is also a Boots where you can grab a gluten free sandwich on-the-go or an M&S before you go through security. 

Both before and after security there is also a Starbucks which sells the gluten free cheese and ham paninis, perfect for a hot snack if you’re in a hurry!

gluten free glasgow restaurants 2

I did get a lot of recommendations for gluten free places to eat in Glasgow which I didn’t manage to visit. I can’t vouch for these places personally but as they were recommended to me I thought I would pass them on.

I’ve popped these all in a handy gluten free Glasgow map below too.

The Red Onion

They serve a gluten free A La Carte menu and look like they do a good selection. Perfect for a pre-theatre dinner.

Find it: 257 West Campbell Street, Glasgow, G2 4TT

The Butterfly & Pig

This sounds like a really cool, shabby chic restaurant which serves good gluten free food and also has live evening bands and DJs. Recommended to me by quite a few people.

Find it: 153 Bath St, Glasgow G2 4SQ

Cup Tea Lounge

I walked past this place and it looked stunning! It’s a cool tea shop by day and a gin bar by night, and loads of people recommended this as a top gluten free Glasgow spot.

Apparently they do fantastic gluten free scones, cakes and sandwiches.

Find it: 71 Renfield St, Glasgow G2 1LP


I was recommended this spot a lot as a great place for gluten free Mexican food in Glasgow.

Apparently so much of their menu is gluten free that they only label the dishes which don’t contain gluten!

Find it: 89 St Vincent St, Glasgow G2 5TF

Bar Soba

This sounds like an awesome Asian restaurant with lots of gluten free options, which again was recommended to me more than once.

Find it: Various locations including Byres Road, Merchant Square and Mitchell Lane.

The Hanoi Bike Shop

This Vietnamese restaurant was the other side of Glasgow to me so I didn’t make it there, but I have been told by lots of you guys that it is amazing.

The food is supposed to be epic and they have lots of gluten free choice.

Find it: 8 Ruthven Ln, Glasgow G12 9BG


This sounds like a cool coffee shop which does lots of gluten free cakes. It was a little out of my way for a flying visit but again, a lot of people recommended it to me.

Find it: Various locations including Ingram Street, Byres Road and Princes Square Shopping Centre.


This is a southern-Indian restaurant which is 100% gluten free. It sounds wonderful and apparently they do incredible dosas. I will definitely have to try here next time.

Find it: 89 Candleriggs, Merchant City, Glasgow G1 1NP

Spanish Butcher

I had a few recommendations to The Spanish Butcher, which sounds like a meat-lover’s dream! The menu sounds great with lots of Spanish and Mediterranean flavours.

Find it: 80 Miller St, Glasgow G1 1DT

Mother India

This is another Indian restaurant which I had a lot of recommendations for in terms of their gluten free offerings. 

Find it: 1355 Argyle St., Glasgow, G3 8AD

Bread Meets Bread

And the award for the least coeliac-friendly name goes to this place! But several of you recommended them for gluten free so who am I to judge!

Apparently they serve up burgers and sandwiches and always have gluten free bread on offer.

Find it: Various locations including Vincent Street and The Fort Shopping Park

Meadow Road Coffee

This sounds like a lovely little coffee shop and all of their cakes are apparently gluten free.

Find it: 579 Dumbarton Rd, Partick, Glasgow G11 6HY

gluten free glasgow restaurants 16

Gluten free Glasgow – a handy map!

To make life a little easier, I’ve popped all the places I ate and recommendations I received for gluten free Glasgow in this handy map! I used this to plan my itinerary a little better, and I hope it will be helpful to you too.

Do let me know if you find anywhere new and I’ll keep updating this map for all those visiting the city!


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gluten free glasgoxw restaurants cafes uk travel coeliac celiac scotland city guide

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