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If you’re looking for gluten free Padstow recommendations, you’ve come to the right place.

With a gorgeous harbour, secluded beaches and lots of coeliac-friendly eateries, Padstow is a great place for a visit if you’re in Cornwall this summer.

I only had a day trip to Padstow so there was a limit to how much food I could eat – though I did try my best!

I did however spot a number of gluten free spots to eat, so I’ll list them all here.

Personally I can only vouch for the places I actually ate, so as always please always double check that everything is gluten free when you arrive.

gluten free padstow
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If you have coeliac disease you’ll need to check on cross contamination as well – I have a handy guide to eating out to help with the questions you might need to ask.

The whole place was very busy when we went so I’d recommend booking one of the gluten free restaurants in advance if you’re set on eating there.

And if you have any gluten free Padstow recommendations please do leave them in the comments below so I can add them to this list!

Chough Bakery, Padstow Harbour

gluten free padstow  chough bakery pasty

Obviously my first port of call visiting Cornwall was to get hold of a proper Cornish pasty.

Chough Bakery in Padstow Harbour has two gluten free Cornish pasties on offer – either a gluten free steak pasty or a gluten free cheese pasty.

Both are Coeliac UK accredited and baked in Made By Marion bakery in Redruth.

(It’s worth noting these are made with gluten free wheat starch, which is absolutely fine for people with coeliac disease but not those with a wheat allergy.)

Chough Bakery cooks these gluten free pasties up fresh (it takes four minutes) and they’re baked in a sealed bag so there’s no cross contamination.

Top tip: If you get these hot, take them out of the plastic bag and into the paper bag as quickly as possible, otherwise they’ll go a bit soggy.

I took mine out, popped it in the paper bag and left it 5 minutes or so to cool (while we found a nice spot to sit) and the crust crisped up again nicely.

Chough Bakery also advertise they have a range of gluten free bread and cakes.

I didn’t try these out but worth investigating if you want more gluten free snacks!

Harbour Ice Cream, Padstow Harbour

gluten free padstow

Right in the centre of Padstow harbour you’ll find Harbour Ice-Cream, offering a selection of my faves, Langage Farm ice-cream.

And yes – I went all the way from Devon to Cornwall to have an ice-cream made in Devon.

I don’t even care because it was SO good and it came on a gluten free cone too!

The gluten free cone came in a plastic sleeve to protect against contamination (annoying on the plastic front though) and I had a delicious salted caramel ice-cream.

They had a great range of flavours and a generous scoop – definitely the best!

Greens of Padstow, North Quay

gluten free greens of padstow

I had heard a LOT of great things about Greens of Padstow, though I didn’t get to eat there myself this time.

It’s right about the harbour with gorgeous views over the estuary and the menu had lots of gluten free (and vegan) options marked for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I’ve seen a few coeliac people on Instagram saying they’d had a good experience here so I’d definitely book a table on my return.

I’ve popped a photo of the menu on the day we came, but of course check their website before you go as it might be different!

The gluten free menu options did look good though and you can’t beat that view.

Cherry Trees Coffee House

Cherry Trees Coffee House in Padstow Harbour was another spot offering gluten free lunch options.

They had a sign outside advertising gluten free sandwiches, though by this point in my visit I’d already been swayed by a pasty!

TripAdvisor also tells me they do a gluten free cream tea, another must-have if you’re visiting Cornwall.

But ignore the Cornish, they do it all wrong, the cream should absolutely go on first…

gluten free padstow harbour

Stein’s Fish and Chips, Padstow

Gluten free fish and chips is always a must-have at the seaside, and Stein’s Fish and Chips offer coeliac-safe, gluten free options!

Gluten free batter is available on a selection of fish including cod, hake, haddock, lemon sole and sea bass.

I didn’t get a chance to visit (next time, it’s my first stop!) but the fact that everything is cooked in a separate fryer is a winner for me.

Stein’s Seafood Restaurant

Another one on my hit-list for next time time I visit Padstow is Stein’s Seafood Restaurant.

According to my friend Laura (who has an excellent guide to the whole of Cornwall right here – bookmark it!) they catered well for coeliac disease here.

There seem to be plenty of options on the menu which could be gluten free so it’s definitely worth contacting them if you’re visiting and want to go.

Other gluten free Padstow options…

There are a few other options I spotted in Padstow but haven’t had the chance to try.

Do always double check they still offer gluten free as I cannot personally vouch for them.

  • Embers Pizza – They offer both gluten free pizza and vegan options at Embers Pizza in Padstow Harbour. Sadly we visited on a Thursday, the one day they are closed! Hopefully I’ll get a chance to check them out next time.
  • Padstow Brewing Co – If gluten free beer is your thing then absolutely check out Padstow Brewing Co. It looks like they have quite a few gluten free beer options too.
  • Caffé Rojano – This hidden little restaurant looked amazing but was fully booked so I’d recommend booking ahead. It sounds like they have gluten free pasta and some lovely looking dishes.
  • The Padstow Pasty Company – There was no signage outside here to indicate they did gluten free Cornish pasty but a few people have said they do them baked-to-order with a 20 minute wait. Worth asking if there isn’t a queue and you’re not desperately hungry!
  • Roskilly Ice-Cream – If you want some proper Cornish ice-cream in a gluten free cone then it sounds like Roskilly Ice-Cream in the harbour is the place to go. I personally went to Harbour Ice-Cream as they had more flavours but this is THE authentic Cornish stuff!
gluten free padstow 7

Are you planning a trip to Padstow?

If you find any other gluten free options in Padstow, please let me know in the comments and I’ll make sure I add them to the list.

I’d also love to know how you got on if you tried any of the options listed above which I didn’t manage to try myself.

If you’re planning more gluten free travel in the UK, why not check out some of my other local guides?

If you find anywhere else gluten free in that area I’d love to know so please do leave a comment below or share it in my Facebook group.

I’ll keep this guide updated as I find new spots so do let me know about any you find.

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  1. Thanks for the Padstow guide. Rojano’s , one of Paul Ainsworth’s restaurants make a wonderful gluten free pizza base. I asked for the recipe ,but of course they refused. it took them 18 months to develop!

  2. Just a quick note about the Padstow Pasty Company. I have had a pasty here a couple of years ago and it was good. I waited for 20 minutes which was fine. This year I tried again and the lady behind the counter rolled her eyes and said ok but it will be an hour. I didn’t bother. The Chough do a gluten free version but to be honest it’s not good, with thick stodgy pastry and not much filling. Paul Ainsworth is fantastic with gf options both in Rojanos and No. 6. Greens is also great.

  3. Just a heads up, Chough no longer do gluten free products. Someone had a reaction to one and they don’t think it’s worth the hassle anymore… slightly disappointing!