Gluten free pizza at Senhor Frogs in Albufeira, Portugal

Gluten free pizza at Senhor Frogs in Albufeira, Portugal

It’s been a week since I got back from my holiday in Portugal, but a nasty stinking cold has made sure it feels like it was a million years ago.

Whilst sat wrapped in a blanket on the sofa sipping Lemsip and feeling sorry for myself, I had a sneaky look through my photos and tried to rekindle some of that holiday feeling.

Before taking off, I had a super quick Google of ‘gluten free Albufeira’ and to my delight a restaurant called Senhor Frogs popped up on Trip Advisor….saying they did gluten free pizzas!!

Well, of course we had barely landed and I was already trying to figure out where it was!

Luckily for us, our hotel was located on the beach in Albufeira, a 5-10 minute walk from either Old Town or The Strip – where Senhor Frogs was located!

Senhor Frogs - clearly labelled gluten free from the start!
Senhor Frogs – clearly labelled gluten free from the start!

However, it wasn’t until a drunken taxi ride home when we finally spotted the restaurant (we hadn’t really done much research and had no idea where we were – it turned out to be 10 minutes walk from us!).

So the next day we marched up the hill to see what they had to offer!

Luckily, I had read on the review that if you want a GF pizza, you have to order it earlier in the day so they can prepare the dough – so we stopped by at lunchtime to make our order for dinner.

I was really pleased to see the signs outside clearly advertising the fact they did gluten free pasta, and I went to speak to the waiter who was very nice and told me my pizza dough would be awaiting me at 7pm that night!

That night I was excited to choose my pizza from their vast range – a little over priced for Albufeira (I think mine cost me around 16 Euros) but I chose one with pepperoni, ham, peppers, mushrooms and olive.

I was so excited when this got put in front of me!
I was so excited when this got put in front of me!

The most exciting thing for me, after my whole battle with Dominos, was that I could even order my GF pizza in a LARGE!

When it got placed in front of me I was so excited – it was huge and stuffed with toppings, I couldn’t wait to get stuck in!

I was really impressed by the base – it was quite a thick base but really light and unlike any I have had before – it was so tasty.


The best thing about Senhor Frogs was that when I couldn’t finish the whole thing, they even let me take it home and they told me they would put it in a different box to my friend’s leftovers, so it wouldn’t get contaminted. Brownie points for them!

I enjoy the leftovers later on with my Kindle and a mug (yes, classy) of Sangria in bed. Bliss.

Overall I found eating in Albufeira pretty hassle free – I stuck mainly to salad (which I LOVE when I’m abroad) fresh seafood and paella – and of course Sangria!

Mmmm, leftover pizza and Sangria, yum!
Mmmm, leftover pizza and Sangria, yum!

So if you’re heading to the Algarve and you want some gluten free pizza – head to Senhor Frogs!



  1. April 28, 2013 / 07:00

    That pizza looks amazing. Its always so nice to be able to eat out without fuss

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  4. Pat
    June 21, 2015 / 12:54

    I am a Coeliac and ate there this May, gorgeous. Staff very knew about cross contamination, they were very friendly and I felt very special for the evening and not an inconvenience. Great food would recommend

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