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I finally went to Glastonbury Festival this year and thought I’d share my Gluten Free Glastonbury Festival finds.

Now I’ve never been to Glastonbury before and as it’s my first festival experience I was going in completely blind.

Having spoken to friends who have been I was confident there would be lots of gluten free options to discover along the way and I wasn’t wrong.

Glastonbury Festival was a great place for gluten free finds with lots of places offering coeliac-safe options.

All of the places listed below I either tried at Glastonbury 2022 or were recommended by you guys as offering gluten free, coeliac-friendly options.

If you’re at the festival please make sure you’re following me on Instagram as I’ll be sharing all my gluten free finds as I go and saving them to my profile highlights.

But I would also LOVE it if you find or know of any great gluten free places to eat at Glastonbury Festival so please do share them with me if you do!

Here is a list of some of the gluten free Glastonbury Festival 2022 finds so far…

gluten free glastonbury festival 2022
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Loke Poké

Loke Poké are a 100% gluten free spot my friend Laura at My Gluten Free Guide recommended and they’ve got a stand doing Hawaiian salads and poké bowls.

I’ve contacted them to ask where their stand will be so will update this when I find out.

Crumble Shack

The Crumble Shack was by far one of my favourite food stands at Glasto, I went three times!

They offer gluten free and vegan options and the gluten free crumble is kept well away from the others.

Lots of coeliac recommended this on Facebook and the rhubarb crumble was to die for – so so good with custard!

gluten free glastonbury festival 2022 crumble shack

The Gravy Train Poutine

As I was with my friend who lives in Canada I has to try The Gravy Train Poutine and oh my word, it was one of my favourite meals at Glasto!

The chips, cheese curds and gravy are all gluten free with their menu really well labelled. I’d highly recommend for pure comfort food.

gluten free glastonbury festival 2022 poutine

Oli’s Halloumi Fries

Oli’s do the BEST gluten free halloumi fries and will be there by the Pyramid Stage with a gluten free option on all products.

I can’t wait to try these as I’m a huge halloumi fries fan so I’ll probably be propping this stand up for the entire weekend.

Halloumi Guys

I had halloumi fries from Halloumi Guys and they were amazing, topped with coriander, turmeric yoghurt and a honey glaze.

They do serve flatbreads but the halloumi is fried separately and I was confident it was safe for me to eat.

gluten free glastonbury festival 2022 halloumi guys

Fish Finger Heaven

I spotted this stand, Fish Finger Heaven, offering gluten free fish and chip buttys.

I didn’t get a chance to check them out so not sure on their cross contamination procedures but could be one to question next time.

Hidden Pizza

Hidden Pizza were there in Arcadia and offered gluten free Schär pizza bases (cooked on foil to avoid CC) as well as vegan options.

Finding a gluten free pizza at Glastonbury was the Holy Grail and perfect after dancing my heart out in front of the giant flaming spider!

gluten free glastonbury festival 2022 hidden pizza

Chip Shack

Chip Shack is owned by the same people as Hidden Pizza who have confirmed the chips will be safe for people with coeliac disease.

They’ve also said will have lots of gluten free topping options too – you can’t beat loaded fries! I found them near Arcadia.

gluten free glastonbury festival 2022 44

Hot P’Tatoes

Hot P’Tatoes will be running a vegan and veggie stall which is most gluten free and will be in The Park by The Bimble Inn.

Their stand will feature ‘build your own’ meals based on potatoes, obvs.

Fish and Chips

I spotted this gluten free fish and chips stand on a late night wander and honestly cannot remember where it was – most likely around the Other Stage.

I didn’t try them out but I think they’re there most years so adding them to this list for future Glasto-goers.

gluten free glastonbury festival 2022

Leon Vegetarian Cuisine

Leon Vegetarian Cuisine will be in West Holts Field near Brother’s and will be serving up gluten free options.

They’ll have hot and cold food options but to be honest they had me at gluten free chocolate cake.

Bhangra Bus

We stopped at the Bhangra Bus for their vegan curries but it turns out everything was gluten free except the chapatti.

This was honestly the nicest curry ever (and the BEST mango chutney) and I love that they are a business doing good in the world too

gluten free glastonbury festival 2022 bangrha bus


I had lots of messages on Instagram recommending Paellaria who I think are regulars on the Glastonbury scene.

They had three stands across the festival in 2022 – one of which was vegan – and their paella is completely gluten free. It was so yummy I had it twice!

gluten free glastonbury festival 2022 4


A few recommendations came in for Makatcha – I don’t know if they’re at Glastonbury 2022 but I’ve tried their food before.

They have a stand in Camden with gluten free and dairy free options and I remember the Indonesian curries being amazing.


Le Rac Shack

I’ve always wanted to try raclette and it was just as delicious as I could have hoped for – plus great fun to watch them make.

Le Rac Shack was near the Pyramid Stage with gluten free options and was definitely a welcome treat, I had mine for breakfast!

gluten free glastonbury festival 2022

Le Steak Shack

It sounds like Le Steak Shack will have some gluten free options too, including, surprise surprise, steak. I didn’t try this but it looked yummy.

Buddha Bowl

Buddha Bowl can be found near the Pyramid Stage and their vegan, gluten free Massaman curry comes highly recommended.

My friend got one of these bowls and I had to go back and get one because she raved about them. Such a simple concept but a great meal which felt nourishing too.

gluten free glastonbury festival 2022 4

Hippy Happy Hoppers

Another one from Instagram (and this is a North Devon-based street food van too so they get extra kudos from me).

They do Sri Lankan food and I had a cheese and chorizo hopper which was yummy – I can definitely recommend giving them a try.

gluten free glastonbury festival 2022 4

Dosa Deli

Another one confirmed for 2022 is Dosa Deli, who serve up South Indian Street Food.

It sounds like they’ll have a lot of gluten free options including dosas and bhajis so this could be a great spot to check out. Sadly I didn’t get a chance!

A note on coffees…

I found a lot of places used oat milk for coffees at Glastonbury and most of this was Oatly so not gluten free.

I did find a few places using gluten free oat milk but when I returned the next day they were using Oatly instead.

I’d say if you’re looking for a gluten free, coeliac-safe coffee to maybe stick to the Americanos as it seemed like oat milk was prolific there.

Where to get more information

For starters, if you’re at the festival make sure you’re following me on Instagram as I’ll be sharing all my gluten free finds as I go.

I’ll save these as a highlight but would also LOVE it if we can tag-team and you guys can tag me in any awesome options you find.

This Gluten Free Glasto group on Facebook has also been really helpful so if you’re going make sure you join in as people will be sharing options there.

Found somewhere else that does great gluten free food at Glastonbury Festival? Comment below and let me know so I can add it to this guide!

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  1. The Coconut Curry stall near the BBC Introducing stage was awesome! They’ve been at a lot of festivals I’ve been to. Their beef rendang was so good I ate there twice. Love it!
    Also agree the pizza in Arcadia area was fantastic.

  2. Thanks for posting your experience! Did you buy all your meals out or did you take some food? What food did you bring in if you did bring food? Struggling to think of good Brekky things to take!

    1. I took a few cereal bars for breakfast but that was it – nowhere really to store food, I just hoped for the best and luckily there was lots to eat!