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I’ve decided to start a campaign, and I’m hoping you lovely readers will hear my plea and get behind me!

When Domino’s announced they were introducing gluten free pizzas, the coeliac world errupted with cheers of joy.

But I was dismayed to find their small size isn’t just small….it’s tiny! And so I was left STILL feeling like the odd one out while my friends munched on large pizzas.

I’ve written to Domino’s about this issue, who have told me that if  there was a demand for a larger gluten free pizza size, then they may consider it.

So, my friends, I’m asking you to sign my petition and show Domino’s there IS a demand for a bigger, even ‘normal size’ gluten free pizza!

Tiny but delicious...
Tiny but delicious…

If you want to support my campaign to make gluten free pizzas bigger, sign my petition here.

It’s quick, it’s easy, and I hope everyone will get behind me and show Domino’s what they’ve done is great, but we want more!

The story began like this. I ate a gluten free pizza from Domino’s. I was still hungry. So I sent them the following…

Dear Domino’s,

I am writing to you on behalf of myself and several of my blog followers who have raised similar questions to myself. I was absolutely delighted when Dominos announced the launch of their gluten free pizza base, and was equally pleased when I tried it myself. The pizza is tasty and the texture is great – the staff seem knowledgeable in cross contamination and as a coeliac, I have had no ill effects from eating this pizza.

However, I am very disappointed the pizza is only available in a small size. I don’t like to consider myself a pig, but when I have pizza I like to treat myself. I am of a healthy size and weight and eat what I would consider to be a very healthy diet, but a small-sized pizza seems like more of a snack then a meal to me. I am gluten free because of a disease which inhibits what I can eat, not because I am trying to watch my portion sizes. Therefore, I would ask you to please consider offering a larger size of gluten free pizza.

The small pizza is, quite frankly, tiny (all of my friends go for at least a medium) and I was so looking forward to being able to have a large takeout pizza like I have watched them scoff. Instead, I still remain disappointed as my ‘child size’ pizza rattles around its box. Not only this, but it seems the majority of your deals only cover medium or large pizzas – does this mean I cannot even take part in these deals myself?

I would really appreciate your feedback on this – will you be considering a larger size of gluten free pizza in the future? Even the pizza bases I receive on prescription are larger than your small bases and I really feel it would be great if you could offer us the choice.

Aside from this, I would like to say thank you for enabling me to finally enjoy take away pizza with my friends, and feel a little bit normal.

Kind Regards,

Sarah Howells (The Gluten Free Blogger)

Domino’s then replied to me, with the following….

Dear Sarah

Our gluten free pizza is available in small only as we buy in the gluten free bases from a specialist supplier. The bases are delivered to us pre-prepared in individually sealed packets – unlike our other pizzas, the gluten free bases are not hand stretched in-store.

This is the first gluten free product we have launched and as such, we felt that small was the most suitable size to allow a successful roll out across all of our 740+ stores. The size also makes it very easy for our in-store team members to clearly identify which pizzas are gluten free and ensure that all of our controls are in place while it is prepared.

We took advice from our supplier as to the most popular size before deciding to launch with a small gluten free base but, if the demand was such for other sizes, we would be more than happy to review this.

So please, sign and share this petition with all your friends for bigger pizzas!

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  1. To be honest I was pretty impressed with domino’s rolling out GF pizzas already so i am not tempted complain. their reply seems to be very conclusive too – I wouldn’t want them to mix up two similar looking pizzas and end up getting glutened like I have done at work! I would much rather put my pursuasive power towards teaching the caterers at the work canteen what gluten free really entails. If a company specialising in PIZZAS can do it then they deserve praise indeed.

  2. If they are the same size as the bases that this manufacturer (Glutamel) make in the pizzas I get on mail order I would say they are an adequate size. This is the same size as a Juvela pizza base (and probably other prescription brands). I do eat a whole one of these when I prepare pizza at home, but I know when we have had cookery demos at our local group I am usually about the only person who puts my hand up to say I eat a whole one. Most of the people in the room only eat a half a one. So if the Domino’s ones are about 9 inches I would say they were fine. Any larger and people may want to share it, or waste it if unable to do it justice. Not everyone likes cold pizza the next day either.

  3. I’ve signed it Sarah as I agree with you and hope you don’t mind but I have also posted it on the UK GF Facebook group too!