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Sometimes nothing beats getting a pizza delivered to your door – and there lots of gluten free pizza deliveries in the UK.

Getting a gluten free pizza delivery is in fact easy, and there are plenty of options if you have coeliac disease for a coeliac-safe pizza.

I thought I’d outline some of the UK national chains where you can get a gluten free pizza delivery.

Most of these are safe for people with coeliac disease – and where they are not, I will clearly state this.

gluten free dominos
Gluten free pizza is for life, not just for Christmas!!
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I have coeliac disease and would only eat from coeliac-safe venues, but I know many who follow me don’t have to be as strict on cross contamination.

I wanted to also make sure the non-coeliac-safe venues were included so you can clearly see which ones are considered safe when making a decision on your gluten free pizza delivery.

All the information is correct as of June 2021, but obviously menus do change often so please always double check before ordering.

It may be that you also need to contact the restaurant directly to state you have coeliac disease, so please do bear this in mind.

It should also be said that there are many wonderful independent restaurants offering coeliac-safe gluten free pizzas, so please do check your local area too.

Let’s take a look at some of the gluten free pizza delivery options in the UK…


Starting Price: £9.99 for a small gluten free cheese and tomato (not including deals)

Size Range: None, they’re all small.

Coeliac UK Accredited? Yes

gluten free dominos

I suppose I should start with Domino’s, the most prolific of pizza delivery businesses.

Domino’s has offered a gluten free base since 2012, though for the last 18 months it has not been selling these due to COVID and social distancing issues in the kitchens.

However this month, Domino’s relaunched its gluten free menu on a Schär base, which I believe is different to its previous offering.

With five gluten free options and no ability to customise the toppings, prices start at £9.99 for a basic cheese and tomato, or £14.99 with toppings.

They only come in a (very) small size and there’s a couple of gluten free sides to choose from (nachos or sauces, currently) but that’s it.

Sometimes you can get them on a deal, so it’s worth having a look.

Domino’s is also Coeliac UK accredited and says it has strict procedures and regular testing in place to ensure its pizzas are all gluten free and coeliac-safe.

Pizza Hut

Starting Price: £9.97 for a small gluten free cheese and tomato (not including deals)

Size Range: None, they’re all regular (and square!)

Coeliac UK Accredited? Yes

pizza hut gluten free

Pizza Hut also launched its gluten free pizza in 2012, and this one comes in a funky square shape.

It’s great because you know it can’t get mistaken for a ‘normal’ pizza due to the different shape.

Though like Domino’s, Pizza Hut’s gluten free pizzas are all only available in a small size.

Pizza Hut is Coeliac UK accredited and undergoes annual audits to ensure everything it sells gluten free is below 20ppm.

If you’re lucky, some delivery places offer a gluten free pizza on the £5 deal menu – though apparently my local store does not.

I’ve heard a lot of chatter about the Pizza Hut offerings being a firm favourite, though again a bigger option would be nice.

And they somehow managed to find a way to continue to offer their gluten free pizzas through the pandemic. Just saying.

Their gluten free sides include ribs, chicken wings and corn on the cob, so at least you’ve got a few options there.

Pizza Express

Starting Price: £8.95 for a classic gluten free cheese and tomato (not including deals)

Size Range: Just one size fits all!

Coeliac UK Accredited? Yes

pizza express gluten free

Pizza Express definitely has some of the most varied gluten free options and its entire gluten free menu is accredited by Coeliac UK.

I’ve eaten here many times (until they sadly shut my local restaurant) over the years and never been ill.

As well as gluten free pizzas (every single topping they offer is gluten free) you can also choose from pasta, salads and more.

They have gluten free doughballs and a few gluten free dessert options too.

I have found Pizza Express’s gluten free pizzas are also slightly bigger than those at Domino’s or Pizza Hut.

They are lovely and thin and crispy and probably one of my favourites out of all the ones I have tried.

The gluten free pizzas are easy to find on the menu and clearly displayed, so ordering with coeliac disease is really easy.

Papa Johns

Starting Price: £13.99 for a gluten free cheese and tomato on a butternut squash (gluten free) base (not including deals)

Size Range: As I don’t have one local to me, I actually don’t know – but it’s a butternut squash base which is different!?

Coeliac UK Accredited? NO. Papa Johns states this is NOT suitable for people with coeliac disease.

papa johns gluten free pizza
Picture: Papa Johns

I wanted to give a mention to Papa Johns gluten free butternut squash base as I have seen a lot of people talking about it.

Firstly, Papa Johns offers the butternut squash base which is free of gluten but has a risk of cross contamination.

They clearly state in their allergen menu that while every effort is made to prevent cross contamination, it is not suitable for people with coeliac disease.

As I haven’t been to a Papa Johns to even see what their processes are like, I’d recommend speaking to the store manager if you’re considering ordering.

I know a lot of places but this sort of blanket allergy warning on their food but personally as someone with coeliac disease I would not eat here.

However, if you avoid gluten for other reasons, it’s good to know this is another gluten free option!


Starting Price: £8.95 for a Non-Gluten Marherita Pizza

Size Range: One size only

Coeliac UK Accredited? No

gluten free zizzi pizza
Picture: Zizzi

I have often seen many people talking about Zizzi and its gluten free pizzas – namely how good they are.

They have a clear ‘Non-Gluten Mains’ section of their menu which displays a range of gluten free pizza and pasta dishes.

While not Coeliac UK accredited, I do know a lot of people with coeliac disease who have always managed to eat there safely.

I personally haven’t been as we don’t have a Zizzi near us, but it seems the consensus is that they’re pretty good for gluten free and catering for people with coeliac disease.

Bella Italia

Starting Price: £8.45 for a gluten free Margherita

Size Range: No, one size fits all

Coeliac UK Accredited? No, but staff are allergy trained

bella italia gluten free pizza
Picture: Bella Italia

I haven’t eaten a Bella Italia gluten free pizza for a long time but I’ve always felt safe in their hands when I have.

They have a good range of gluten free pizzas as well as pasta and flatbreads, among other options on their extensive gluten free menu.

Although they are not Coeliac UK accredited, they have a clearly outlined allergy procedure on their website.

Once you flag dietary requirements, you can go through the allergy menu with waiting staff and your food will be preapred in a different area of the kitchen.

This is really reassuring to anyone with coeliac disease so always make sure you flag any allergies or intolerances before ordering.

You can also filter the menu online to only show gluten free options, which is handy.

Frankie and Benny’s

Starting Price: £8.40 for a gluten free Margherita pizza

Size Range: No, but again they are rectangular!

Coeliac UK Accredited? Yes

Frankie and Benny’s are another one to opt for a rectangular-shaped gluten free pizza base.

They are Coeliac UK accredited and have a full gluten free menu including a fair few gluten free pizza options.

The gluten free menu also includes burgers, pasta, salads, sides, grills, shakes and desserts – a whole feast!

I haven’t eaten here for a long time – I’ve never had the pizza before and the last time I ate at an airport Frankie and Benny’s I had to sign an allergy disclaimer!

This completely put me off, though I don’t know what their procedures are like now as this was a few years ago.

However, the fact it is Coeliac UK accredited gives me confidence that it would be safe for someone with coeliac disease to eat here.


Starting Price: £9.75 for a Gluten Free Margherita

Size Range: No, one size only

Coeliac UK Accredited? Yes

gluten free prezzo pizza

Prezzo is another one which was a favourite of mine before they closed our local restaurant.

For those with one nearby, Prezzo is Coeliac UK accredited and offers a range of gluten free pizza (and pasta).

They have quite a few options to choose from depending on which restaurant you order from.

Being Coeliac UK accredited they have staff training and procedures in place to ensure there is no cross contamination.

Therefore, as always, it’s important to make sure you specify you have coeliac disease when ordering.

Smaller gluten free chains

The following places have some spots around the UK but are much smaller chains, or only available in certain areas.

Still, I thought it was important to just give them a mention…

Fireaway Pizza

Fireaway Pizza offer a gluten free base (£3 surcharge) and a range of gluten free toppings. They have 55+ stores in certain areas of the UK.

They have a comprehensive allergen menu (including may contain risks) so it’s worth speaking to the individual store.

As an update to this (June 26, 2021) I visited my local Fireaway store in Barnstaple to check it out and I have to be honest, I personally would not eat here with coeliac disease.

Several people with coeliac have contacted me saying they do eat here but for me, all the pizzas are cooked on one revolving stone which cannot be cleaned down.

The toppings area reminded me a lot of Subway – crumbs and dropped toppings everywhere.

The pizzas are prepared on a chopping board and staff wear gloves but to be honest they were very busy and seemed completely disinterested when I tried to explain cross contamination.

So much so, that I just left.

So if you have coeliac disease I’d probably avoid – but if you don’t have to worry about cross contamination, it sounds like their gluten free pizzas are pretty nice! And a decent size!

The Stable

The Stable have a few restaurants around the UK and offer incredible (if I do say so myself) gluten free pizzas.

Gluten free bases are available on request and you can view their allergen matrix here.

I’ve always had a good experience here, though they are not Coeliac UK accredited – speak to the manager before ordering.

stable gluten free pizza

Other gluten free pizza delivery options

Of course, wherever you are in the UK, it’s likely there will be somewhere near you offering a gluten free pizza.

It’s good to know you can rely on most national chains, but it’s also equally as good to check out independent businesses.

There are loads of places across the country so please do drop your top recommendations in the comments so we can build a whole list!

If I get enough suggestions I’ll update this blog post to include some of the top recommended UK spots for a gluten free pizza delivery which AREN’T chains!

In the meantime, please do let me know your favourite gluten free pizza option in the comments below – I’d love to know which one I need to try next!

As always, please do always double check when ordering gluten free food, state you have coeliac disease and check cross contamination procedures.

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  1. Lost Boys Pizza in Camden is excellent. Although they don’t claim to be coeliac safe due to size of kitchen I’ve been fine every time I’ve been (I am coeliac.) They put a lot of effort into their pizzas, all vampire themed and the pizza bases are black. If you like the film and 80’s rock music it’s definitely worth a visit! The cocktails are fabulous as well.

  2. ‘Dough’ in Bath cater for those with food allergies and intolerances. Nothing is too much trouble and they’ll add or replace with other options. There are about 6 Gf pizza bases to choose from like hemp if turmeric and their cheese us coconut vegan for those df. Highly recommended need to book!

  3. Lost boys is fab and have great starters as well. Never had an issue with them either. Also have bangin’ cocktails

  4. I ordered a gluten free pizza takeaway last week and was so disappointed that (despite checking ingredients before ordering) when the pizza arrived, the packaging said it contained gluten free wheat starch … I appreciate this makes any food / pizza taste ‘like regular pizza’ – but companies don’t seem to understand gluten free is not always wheat free. When I usually ask for both gf and wheat free, I get a totally blank look at best (or an argument that because it’s gf then it ‘must’ be wheat free) … I so want to solve this issue!!

  5. Hi. I see Pizza Express now say on their website (March 2024) that they can’t guarantee coeliac safety for GF pizza orders via third party delivery services (ie Deliveroo type). Do you know if this is just because of potential cross contamination in the couriers delivery bag? Or because the message you can write on the app to specify ‘coeliac’ doesn’t get through to Pizza Express? I’d be very sad if I can no longer order a pizza for home delivery ;-(