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Well, well, well, my lovely coeliac friends, wasn’t yesterday just a wonderful day with the launch of the long anticipated Domino’s gluten free pizza?

I know there has been a lot of scepticism surrounding contamination issues, but reassured with the fact Domino’s UK has been working closely with Coeliac UK, I was straight down there to order mine after work yesterday.

I ordered a Pepperoni Passion (I am obsessed with pepperoni!!) and sat back excitedly watching the time count down on the order board.

First off, I was pleased to see how they handled my pizza base.

The guy fetched the base and cut it out of a sealed packet. He put it straight onto a clean tray which was on a space of the worktop he had cleaned down.


Separate toppings were used and the pizza was pre cut before going into the oven.

Obviously, in a kitchen where flour is used heavily, there is no guarantee of no contamination, but the risk assessment is down to the individual, and I was satisfied myself that the pizza would be okay for me.

Ten minutes later, I grabbed my little pizza box (gluten free only comes in a small size….this did not please me) and hurried home.

The result looked promising – a deliciously loaded, cheesy, pepperoni-y pizza delight!

At first I was disappointed with how small my pizza looked, but to be honest, I actually struggled to finish it – serious case of eyes-bigger-than-stomach syndrome!

In a word, I would sum this pizza up as…..good.

Ok, you say, why not amazing? Spectacular? Spendiforous??

I really enjoyed this pizza – the base was crunchy and tasty, the toppings were generous and the tomato sauce was not too sweet.

Overall it was a great experience…but the one thing that really put me off…..the price.

These pizzas are so bloody expensive!!

£11.99!!!! SERIOUSLY??????

I wouldn’t even pay that for a full Indian takeaway and I would get a whole lot more food then!

And, to be honest, still don’t come close to the AMAZING Dietary Specials Bonta D’Italia pizza which I can pick up from Tesco for a third of the price.

So yes, I am over the moon about Domino’s giving me the choice to eat there – and this to me is the most important development.

But at that price, this is going to be a very, very rare treat!

To all those who haven’t tried it yet, I definitely say do it – it’s really tasty and much better than the Pizza Hut one (more to come on THAT one later!) – but maybe just save for the occassional treat unless you’ve got cash to splash – I don’t know how ‘normal’ people afford it!!

Have you tried the Domino’s pizza? What did you think? Comment below and let me know!

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  1. I got this the other day and found it pretty disappointing, the base tasted like polystyrene and half the ingredients had fallen off during delivery (about half a mile).
    Not worth the money in my opinion, I’ll try pizza express next.