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I love Boston Tea Party. So much so, that I seem to end up in there at some point during my weekends! Everything from the guilty pleasure of a giant 16oz latte (medium roast, if you’re asking) and choice, that’s right, CHOICE of gluten free cakes, to the quirky salads and stuffed jacket potatoes, it’s just a gluten free haven. And this morning, while I was sat sipping on my coffee and indulging in a slice of orange and almond polenta cake, I suddenly thought – why on earth haven’t I blogged about this yet!?

Gluten free coconut slice - Steve's favourite!
Gluten free coconut slice – Steve’s favourite!

Boston Tea Party (Barnstaple being my local one) is prominent throughout the South West, but unlike cafe giants such as Costa and Starbucks, its a family owned retailer. They have a huge choice of breakfast and lunch options, mouth watering cakes and loads of great drinks – including classic coffees, freshly brewed teas in all shapes and sizes and smoothies. Plus they are also licensed and I’m pretty sure, unless my memory fails me, that last year they served mulled wine. What more could you ask for!?

Because I love this place so much (I have even chosen my preferred table and get upset when someone is sat on it) I felt that it would only be fair to list everything that’s great about it.

Brie and coleslaw stuffed jacket
Brie and coleslaw stuffed jacket

So, Boston, this is why I love thee…

  • You do not one, not two, but THREE varieties of gluten free cake. Chocolate and coconut slice (Steve is addicted to these), chocolate brownie (the gluten free classic) and orange and almond polenta cake which is so moist and yummy it makes me want to cry happy tears.
  • You keep these delicious morsels in the cake counter so I don’t feel like the odd one out but they’re on the top shelf (no crumbs to fall on them) and separate from the others.
  • You make beautiful, swirly leaf patterns in my latte, which makes it taste so much better.You do the single most amazing range of jacket potatoes with so many fillings I spend ages stood at the counter trying to decide, even though I always go for brie and coleslaw because it is my all time favourite. And they always come so stuffed full of filling – no skimping out!
  • You serve half a grapefruit with sugar on your breakfast menu. I don’t know why but I feel this is just so brilliant it needs to be mentioned.
  • You’ve started doing loyalty cards, which means not only do I have the joy of trying to fill another card with little stamps, but I also get a free coffee at the end of it all.
  • In Barnstaple you support my favourite charity ever,Amigos Worldwide, who carry out amazing work in Uganda. Everyone who helps Amigos is a friend of mine.
  • You do a fantastic range of smoothies for a hot a day, from berries to bananas, there’s always a great choice.
  • The staff are so friendly and helpful, I’ve never been let down once.

Where is your favourite gluten free hang out? Comment below with the place you think offers the best gluten free range near you!

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  1. Boston Tea Party is great for GF stuff…except the Coconut slice is only Wheat free not gluten. 🙁 I love their GF Brownie and Orange and Almond cake. Yum!