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If you haven’t tried the gluten free Daim bar cakes from Almondy, you seriously need to give them a go! Somewhere between a cheesecake and a cake, they are chocolatey, sweet, sticky and delicious with chunks of Daim – and way too good to share!


Almondy Cakes can be found in the frozen aisle at most supermarkets and their Toblerone and Daim bar cakes are by far my favourites. This year, Almondy is celebrating being on sale in the UK for 10 years – and I teamed up with them for a little giveaway to celebrate! To enter – just head to my Facebook page and see my pinned post!


So what makes these cakes so good? For starters they are gluten free! They’re super tasty and also a little unusual – their texture is hard to describe but they are so delicious. The base is made using almonds from a traditional Swedish recipe, dating back to 1830. It doesn’t use flour either, which means it is naturally a gluten free recipe.

The cakes are made in Gothenburg at the company’s state of the art factory but with two different toppings:

·         Almondy Daim –  this combines the irresistible almond base with a golden cream and crunchy almond caramel, coated with delicious smooth milk chocolate

·         Almondy Toblerone – the iconic almond base is smothered with rich chocolate cream and smooth milk chocolate while on top is a generous layer of Toblerone pieces covered in creamy milk chocolate.


Almondy cakes are frozen but defrost in less than 50 minutes. This makes them ideal as emergency desserts to keep in the freezer for dinner parties and they look great sliced up on a party buffet too. You can also try them with fresh berries and ice-cream for a real treat!

I was also pleased to discover the Daim Almondy cakes are available at Travelodge – in fact, they were the only thing on the entire menu marked gluten free!

So if you’re after a tasty dessert which is a little bit different and bound to fix your chocolate cravings, I would definitely recommend you head to your frozen aisle and see if you can find them. And don’t forget to enter my competition!

This post was sponsored by Almondy. For more information visit or pick one up from Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Asda, Morrisons and IKEA. 

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