Gluten free carvery and dessert at the Park Hotel, Barnstaple

Gluten free carvery and dessert at the Park Hotel, Barnstaple

After a wine-fuelled night last night at Absolute Training and Nutrition’s weight loss challenge ball, I thought it only fair to use my sofa-bound, hungover state to blog about the excellent food we had.

The dinner and dancing (though unfortunately as my back has gone, there was no boogeying for me) took place at the Park Hotel in Barnstaple, North Devon, and they were ever so helpful with what I could and couldn’t eat.

I normally dread asking waiters about what is gluten free, but instead of being met with the usual blank stare, the staff at the hotel were so helpful!

They told me exactly what was gluten free and what wasn’t, and even supplied me with my own separate jug of gravy, which was waiting for me at my place as I returned from looting the carvery.

Very happy with my own gravy!

The carvery was delicious – a great selection of veg (with swede mash, my fave!) and a choice of beef or turkey. Naturally, I went for a bit of both!

I was also really pleased to find that my gluten free gravy was proper, thick gravy – at other places I have been given thin, watery stuff, but this looked better than everyone elses!

When the dessert menu came round, I prepared myself for disappointment – I was eyeing up the pavlova but feared I would be stuck with the fresh fruit salad.

But, as luck would have it, the pavlova was gluten free! And my gosh, was it delicious!

I was so happy to be able to feel ‘normal’ and not be left with different food or the rubbish dessert – I always find it so disheartening when restaurants have GF options but never consider pudding!

I felt the Park Hotel deserved a blog post for the great service – and to the waiters for putting up with our drunken behaviour!

Great food, great wine and a great time had by all – if you’re planning a stay in North Devon I would reccommend!


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