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Broadway Market in London has become a bit of a Mecca for gluten free food – and for good reason. This gorgeous market in East London has so many gluten free stalls, it’s hard to know where to even start. But having visited a few times, I thought I’d bring you some of my favourite recommendations which you should definitely try if you’re visiting.

Broadway Market runs on a Saturday and can be found in Hackney, East London. The nearest tube is Cambridge Heath, but it’s also only a 15-minute walk from Bethnal Green and it’s pretty easily accessible from central London. Plus there’s some lovely spots to sit nearby and enjoy all the gluten free goodies you’ve bought. What more reasons could you need to visit!?

Here are seven gluten free spots you have to visit at Broadway Market next time you go…

Eat ‘n’ Mess

gluten free broadway market london 4

gluten free london broadway market

For the most decadent looking gluten free cakes, cookies and treats you have to head to the Eat ‘n’ Mess stand at Broadway Market. Their s’mores cheesecake brownies are incredible (even if you hate gluten free brownies you’ll LOVE these) and so picture-perfect too.

Eat ‘n’ Mess always do the most AMAZING looking gluten free cookies and cookie sandwiches in a variety of flavours, as well as plenty of choice of cakes too. They also do amazing bespoke cakes for occasions so definitely have a chat with them if you’re visiting and have a birthday coming up!

Floris Foods

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gluten free broadway market london 21

If you want to experience gluten free doughnuts like you’ve never seen before, then Floris Foods is your dream stall at Broadway Market. They offer gluten free doughnuts including custard, apple, jam and s’mores, as well as all sorts of other sweet and savoury baked goods. Definitely get there early because the doughnuts are always a hot commodity! 

As well as the gluten free doughnuts I’ve seen them bake up homemade gluten free Oreos, cinnamon buns, cheesecakes, loaf cakes, bread, muffins, sausage rolls and more. You could easily fill a whole bag with goodies from here and have a gluten free feast for days.

Shakey Shakey Vegan

gluten free broadway market london

gluten free broadway market london

Prepare to have your mind BLOWN when you visit Skakey Shakey Vegan at Broadway Market. They sell gluten free fish and chips and battered prawns – all of which are completely vegan! I was so intrigued to try the battered ‘prawns’ and actually couldn’t believe it. They taste and feel exactly like prawns and I just couldn’t get my head around it!

The gluten free batter is incredibly crisp and golden and I can’t wait to try the Tofish next time. It’s amazing to be able to pick up something deep fried which is gluten free, so if you’re looking for a 100% plant-based lunch (or even if you’re not!) at Broadway Market I’d definitely recommend you give this place a go.

Meringue Girls

gluten free broadway market london 2

gluten free broadway market london 15

If you want to find a stand that is just so beautiful it mesmerises you, then you have to seek out Meringue Girls. To be honest, with the beautiful rainbow of colours on their Broadway Market stall it is hard to miss them! Their meringues are so beautiful, they’re almost too pretty to eat.

I’ve visited Broadway Market a few times and I love looking at this stall. Not to mention the meringues are all gluten free and taste amazing too! At Halloween they made cute little ghost ones and in the summer they had lots of fruit-topped meringues. There’s always a new treat to find here.

Norah’s Brownies

gluten free broadway market london

gluten free broadway market london

For gluten free and vegan brownies, bronuts and the new brownie-pops, you have to visit Norah’s Brownies. Her creations are just beautiful and you’ll spend ages marvelling over them and trying to decide which to try! I tried one of the rhubarb and custard bronuts last time and it was incredible!

Because it’s a vegan stand it’s a great place to visit in Broadway Market if you’re gluten and dairy free. There always new flavours to try depending on the season, so you can go back again. They’re just the most beautiful creations and would make a fabulous foodie gift too.

Finest Fayre

gluten free broadway market london 16

gluten free broadway market london 16

There are so many sweet gluten free treats at Broadway Market it can be easy to get a bit of a sugar rush! So I was really excited when I found these gluten free Scotch eggs from Finest Fayre. They do both a meat and a vegetarian one and they’re served with a delicious gluten free pickle. You can eat them there or take them away as they’re in sealed packaging.

I absolutely LOVE a Scotch egg so I was very excited to try these and they certainly were amazing. I tried the meat one but next time I’ll definitely give the vegetarian one a go too. Gives me a good excuse to go back and stock up!

The Bach

gluten free london the bach coeliac

gluten free broadway market london 4

I’ve already featured The Bach in my gluten free guide to London but I felt it deserved a mention for the fact it’s a must-visit at Broadway Market. I absolutely love it here as 99% of the menu is gluten free or an be adapted, and I feel confident eating there with coeliac disease.

Brunch is definitely my meal of choice here and I’ve been through a few options so far! I’m yet to try the amazing-sounding pancakes, but the savoury options are out of this world! I love anything with eggs, salmon or avocado for brunch, but some of their specials have been incredible too. Definitely pop in here if you can get a table when you’re visiting Broadway Market.

More gluten free Broadway Market

I’ve only visited Broadway Market a few times, but I am sure there are many more gluten free options there! I wanted to tell you about some of my favourites, but check out My Gluten Free Guide’s much more comprehensive guide to ALL the gluten free goodies there! There are so many options on Laura’s list so when you’ve tried these seven, you can work through the rest! 

If you’ve been to Broadway Market and spotted any gluten free gems I should try then please let me know! Drop them in the comments below so anyone reading this can see too. And while you’re visiting London, don’t forget to check out:

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