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On my recent adventure in London I visited Whole Foods Market and found some No G products – which I rapidly fell in love with! I had heard a bit of a buzz about No G on social media, and thought their products looked really appealing. None of the boring, usual chicken pies filled with artificial rubbish and barely any meat. These are real pastry products!

No G had a rather large range of both sweet and savoury pies, tarts, quiches and cheesecakes, all made with gluten free pastry. Their packaging is bright and funky and really stands out, and the selection of different fillings really sets them aside from the usual ‘free from’ product. They seem to be on a whole other level!

My delightful little picnic!
My delightful little picnic!

Whole Foods stocked quite a few different flavours, and sadly I didn’t get a chance to try any of the savoury ones. However, I did try a couple of the sweet ones (surprise surprise!), the blueberry cheesecake and the dark chocolate and morello cherry tart.

The first item into my basket was the No G gluten free blueberry cheesecake. I’ve heard much raving about this brand and although I was keen to try their savoury pies I just had to have this! The idea is that you turn it onto a plate so the biscuit is on the bottom, but hey, when you’re having a picnic and all you have is a fork, who’s complaining?

No G gluten free cheesecake - just diving in!
No G gluten free cheesecake – just diving in!

I took mine to Hyde Park to enjoy the last of the sunshine before it vanished, and tucked in. It was delicious, with a sweet and tangy blueberry compote, rich and creamy ‘cheese’ layer and crumbly biscuits on top (or bottom!?). I devoured the whole lot in one sitting!

The second time I visited Whole Foods, I couldn’t get the chocolate and cherry tart out of my mind. Oh well, I thought, if I’m going to do this properly, surely I have to try more than one product, right? I had some time to kill and the cafe upstairs was relatively empty, so I purchased the pie, grabbed a fork and headed upstairs to eat it.

The chocolate and cherry tart from No G.
The chocolate and cherry tart from No G.

This was a rich and indulgent treat, perhaps a little heavy for 11am on a Sunday morning, but I seriously enjoyed it nonetheless! The pastry melted in my mouth, and the filling was dark and gooey and chocolatey and just YUM. Every now and then you’d get a sweet burst of cherry, offsetting the bittersweet chocolate filling. It was delectable.

I’m really impressed by No G – the standard of their products is impressive and next time I see them, I am definitely trying some of the savoury gluten free pies and quiches! Have you tried them? What is your favourite gluten free pastry brand?

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  1. Was the cheescake mixed into the base of the blueberry compote too? It looks too firm to be fruit compote on its own. Looks completely insainly delicious though. Can’t wait to find some and try them myself.

    1. There was a blueberry compote on the bottom (which would be on top if you turned it out as planned!) but it was separate from the cheesecake. I ate this straight out of the chiller so might explain why it was quite firm. I can’t wait to eat some more!!