Gluten free baked chocolate cheesecake: the best cake in the world

Gluten free baked chocolate cheesecake: the best cake in the world

I know it is only February, but I have already crowned this gem the absolute best cake of 2012.

It took all the restraint I had to take this photo before unwrapping and scoffing the lot!

Infact, make that the best cake ever. Full stop.

I’m not really a fan of cakes and sweet stuff, but I could quite happily drown myself in a barrel of Heavenly Cakes‘s baked chocolate cheesecake and be eternally satisified.

When I first stumbled across the Heavenly Cakes website I couldn’t believe my eyes – it all looked too good to be gluten free!

Usually gluten free stuff is recognisable by it’s ‘free from’ wrapping – I don’t know if it just me but I find sometimes I can distinguish a gluten free item from a far off distance by it’s wrapping.

But this looked like a ‘normal’ online cake shop – with some extraordinary looking cakes!

I have never tried baked cheesecake before, but this was absolutely heavenly, just like the name suggests!

Moist and delectable, this has a rich chocolately taste and is simply delicious – I honestly couldn’t reccommend it highly enough.

I am so excited to now tuck into the other goodies Heavenly Cakes have sent me – I am even considering a trip to Stevenage to go and live in their kitchen as a permanent taster? I wonder if they would have me….

So if you only try one new thing this year, I urge you to go and order this RIGHT NOW. It is simply amazing.

For the full range of Heavenly Cakes and to order lots of yummy goodies, visit their website by clicking here.



  1. Sonia
    February 24, 2012 / 16:16

    Sarah, I agree the cheesecake looks fabulous – however my understanding is that only some of their cakes are gluten free (and labelled as such). Please be careful.

  2. Sarah Howells (GF Blogger)
    February 24, 2012 / 19:31

    Yes they are but they are labelled on the website so you can specify gluten free with your order – the labelling is very clear so shouldn’t be a problem 🙂

  3. Goran
    February 24, 2012 / 19:38

    I agree to about the gluten free and so, but i think if you eat it once or twice a week and mixed with some fruits and exercises, It wont harm you at all. After all i do that all the time, no matter what I eat this Gluten free baked chocolate cheesecake, or some of the Keikos Cake cakes i always do my regular exercises in my homemade gym. I thing it nice to stay healthy and making those daily exercises will make all that disappear and become in pure muscles.. 🙂

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