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After hearing Marks and Spencer had added gluten free sandwiches to their Made Without Wheat range, I had to go and investigate for myself.

One of the new GF sandwiches available at M&S

The store has developed two sandwich fillings: British Ham and Crunchy Salad or Free Range Egg Salad made from seeded, gluten-free bread.

What struck me first about the sandwiches was how tiny they looked on the shelve next to the bulging “normal” sandwiches next to them.

And then I saw the price…

I opted for the Egg sarnie, which at £3.25 was the cheapest option (the ham was £3.50).

I felt Steve’s comment of “Over-priced and under-sized” summed these sandwiches up perfectly, which are around £1 more expensive than the normal sandwiches and at least half the size.

Price aside for a minute, the sandwiches looked nice with a generous amount of filling (for what could fit in them anyway!) and two good, strong flavours.

The egg mayo “salad” was actually egg mayo with tomato and spinach, which I was delighted by – spinach is one of my favourite salad ingredients!

Gone in almost a bite!

The filling was yummy, and the bread held together really well.

I felt the egg mayo, which tasted slightly mustardy, was really delicious and complimented the salad fillings perfectly.

Overall, the sandwich was tasty and the quality was inarguable.

I do begrudge the enormous price – as it was M&S I expected it to be slightly more than usual but for the tiny size of the sandwich (if Genius can make decent sized gluten free bread then there is no excuse!) was a disappointment.

However, for the fact that now, when I’m traipsing round the shops and my belly is rumbling, I can actually go and grab myself a sarnie on the go – it’s all worth it.

For convenience in a town which doesn’t appear to be getting a Starbucks (can’t wait to try their sandwiches too!) anytime soon, M&S have finally provided an opportunity to grab some decent food on the go.

And for that I am eternally grateful!

For a list of stockists where you can grab yourself a gluten free sandwich, click here. Have you tried these sandwiches? Let me know what you think and comment below!

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  1. I’ve been buying the GF meal deal at marks and Spencer’s…sandwiches are now full size and every bit as delicious as you’d expect from something that m and s would put their name too. At £4 I get a sandwich some tortillas and a drink. Only slightly more expensive than similar non GF deals elsewhere….I’ve tried BLT …cheese ploughman and the wraps with peri peri chicken I’d recommend too.