Fish & Chips in Poole

What lies within this box could change your life!!

Since finding a very useful Facebook Group sharing gluten-free fish and chip shops in the UK, I have been dying to try one in Poole which is pretty close to my student house!

Tonight, I fufilled that dream, and had fish and chips for the first time in over ten years…

A visit to Brown’s Fish and Chip Shop, (on Alder Road in Poole, Dorset) has been on the cards for about a year now.

Since finding out about their gluten-free offerings, I was very excited to finally be getting off my lazy butt and driving down to purchase my first battered fish since my childhood!

The shop was established by Andy Brown, who headed top kitchens within the Hilton Hotel Group as an Executive Chef for over twenty years, and works closely with guidelines from Coeliac UK.

The Alder Road shop is their newest opening – with the original store in Christchurch.

Trying to contain my excitement, I ordered a small cod and chips, and sat down with leg-twitching anticipation as they fried my fish to order.

As I sat waiting for my order, I couldn’t remember the last time I’d had fish and chips.

I have vague childhood pre-diagnosis recollections of trying to wrestly my chips from seagulls down on holiday in Cornwall, but generally, I’d never had an urge since becoming gluten free to ever try battered fish.

Collecting my order, I jumped in my trusty steed (Henry) and sped back to my friend’s house who I was with, so we could tuck in!

Opening the box – boldly labelled “gluten free” (a good start) felt like lifting the lid on a treasure chest!

Golden brown batter, a generous portion of fish and chunky chips – the contents looked no different from my friend’s “normal” version, had it not been for the labelling I’d never have known!

One word: WOW.

Soft fish in a crunchy batter....bliss!

The batter, made by Glu-2-Go, was light, crunchy, and tasty, perfectly complimenting the delicate fish nestled within it.

I honestly can’t compare it to normal batter, as I don’t remember what it tastes like at all – but I can’t believe I have not been to Brown’s sooner!

An overly generous portion for a reasonable price (£4.25 for a small cod and chips, I think!) and absolutely delicious, I will certainly be driving there a lot more often!

I have to admit, the service was a little below par, with a very grumpy, bored looking woman taking my order. She didn’t really seem willing to explain what I could have gluten-free without me having to prise the answer from her, and was less willing to give away a smile.

That being said, it was a cold and empty night, we were probably their first customers all day, but with food like that, I’ll definitely go back again!!




    • sarahhowells
      November 11, 2010 / 11:32

      They also had (forgive me for my lack of sustainable fish knowledge, I’m just rolling off the menu now :P)
      Rock (huss) (whatever that may be!?)
      But being a stingy student the cod was cheaper……

  1. May 28, 2011 / 22:23

    What a pity the bored woman wasn’t able to share just a little of your enthusiasm! But she probably gets a bit sick of the coeliacs arriving in her store with the uncontrollable enthusiasm I would have been displaying. She was probably put in there on purpose. 🙂
    When I come over to visit my son in March, this will be on my list.

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