Croissants for Breakfast, Ooh La La!

I was extremely excited to find Sainsbury’s have bought out gluten free croissants!

Freefrom Croissants come in a pack of two for £1.89 (as usual we pay a hefty price for our food, as if cutting gluten out of our diet wasn’t enough punishment!)

At first glance, although they had the usual “gluten free feel”, hard where they should be soft, breakable where they should melt in your mouth, they looked a lot more appetising than other gluten free croissant I’ve come across. They actually had that crispy look and I thought I could be onto a winner.

Nine minutes in the oven, and I was right!

Described as “sweet, golden pastry” the packaging certainly wasn’t wrong. The pastry literally melted in my mouth leaving me feeling warm and satisfied. I had my croissant with raspberry jam, the perfect combination, and I certainly felt satisfied and full after one.

Although the bread in the centre was still a little bit doughy (probably my impatience when cooking it!) the pastry wad light and crispy and I am really impressed at how close Sainsbury’s seem to have come to real thing!

Look out for these on your shelves for a sumptuous breakfast with a touch of class!


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