Ciabattas Galore!

Featuring on my lunch plate today was Dietary Specials  Ciabatta Rolls. These rolls come in packs of four, and I managed to grab mine in Asda Рa new addition to their gluten free collection!

Bite-sized ciabatta rolls!

Although you get four rolls in the pack, they are tiny! I attempted to fill mine with a sausage (oh the student diet!) only to find that the sausage was longer than the roll itself!

That being said, these were a really top quality product. They are part baked meaning after you stic

k them in the over for 8-10 minutes they come out warm and soft – and pleasantly moist! Unlike the usual gluten free drivel, these rolls had a really soft, bouncy texture and didn’t leave my mouth feeling dry at all.

They are excellent smothered in melting butter, with cheeses such as brie, or for for that little bit of added sunshine, try feta and roasted red peppers!

Overall, their quality definitely overshadows their size – perfect for a bite sized snack or lunch on the go!


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