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Firstly, apologies that I haven’t been blogging this weekend, but it’s been an eventful one!

Another edition to my mug obsession!

I would like to say a big THANKYOU to The Black Farmer for sending me a free mug! I am currently enjoying a nice coffee out of it as I write this update! You can see my recipe on his site here. There are loads of great gluten free recipes on his site so I really would recommend that you keep checking it out!

Secondly, I received a reply from Sainsbury’s today in regards to the complaint I sent about the state of their gluten free bread. (if you’ve missed what’s been going on with my Supermarket Mission, then click here!)

I was really pleased at how seriously they  have taken my complaint, and have told me that they have passed my comments on to the bread supplier.

They also told me that if I wish to take the matter further then I can take a sample into the store and have it sent off to their quality testers to determine why the bread is arriving in this condition.

They sent me a gift card to compensate for all the annoyance this has caused.

I’m hoping to hear back from Tescos soon, and hope that they will have a similar response. I will also definitely be sending some of their bread off to be quailty tested.

I am really happy with this response and I hope that by sending the product off for further checks it might help a little bit in making life a bit easier for Coeliacs.

It just goes to show that if we try to make a difference and improve the quality of our foods, them hopefully something will happen.

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