A gluten free Easter with Melchior handmade posh chocolates!

A gluten free Easter with Melchior handmade posh chocolates!

Happy Easter Sunday everyone!

Hopefully everyone has been having a lovely weekend, and stuffing their faces with gluten free goodies galore!?

PT Steve pulled it out of the bag this year – suprising me with this beautiful, handmade half egg from Melchior stuffed with AMAZING truffles!

easter egg

Made from thick, delicious milk chocolate, the egg houses a glutton of gluten free treats – truffles of each and every flavour, with an amazing alcoholic kick!

One of the things I miss the most about being gluten free (aside from noodles and doughnuts!) is being able to get a box of decent chocolates.

Normally they are stuffed with gluten-containing crap…. but these beautiful chocolates are all gluten free.

So it may be a quick post, but I just wanted to share the amazing-ness of Melchior with you all – they are based in sunny North Devon, but their creations are available for mail order!

Enjoy the bank holiday weekend – and it’s back to the diet tomorrow once the rest of these have been scoffed!

For more info on Melchior and their gorgeous chocolates click here.


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