A burst of healthy energy

If you miss cereal bars and other similar treats and you haven’t tried a 9-Bar yet, then get yourself down to the Gluten Free aisle right now!

So good I couldn't wait to take a bite!

The original 9-Bar is a tasty treat, a yummy bar packed full of seeds and topped with Carob, so it’s Dairy Free as well.

I was sceptical of this at first, because I’d never been a big fan of seeds. But I know that they’re incredibly good for you so I thought this seemed like a tasty alternative.

The bar is very sweet  but not sickly Рit has definitely become my new alternative for chocolate and sweets!

Although the basis of all 9-Bars are pumpkin seeds, this one features Hemp too. The bar is so delicious, and it kept me full for ages!

Definitely one I would recommend!


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