Work with me

As a gluten free blogger, journalist, recipe creator and influencer I have worked with a number of major brands to help promote their products.

I’m always happy and excited to hear from brands offering free from products who want to collaborate to spread the word to my audience.

Previous work has included recipe creation, live cooking demos (on and offline), writing articles, creating videos and Instagram reels and live speaking.

If you want to find out more about working with me to promote your brand, drop me an email on [email protected]. I’m always happy to talk through different ideas!

Here are some examples of some of the brands I have worked with recently and articles I have had published…

Freee cooking demo

Gluten free cooking demo Sarah Howells The Gluten Free Blogger

I’ve presented live cooking demonstrations at three of the Allergy and Free From Shows now, in London Excel in 2018 and 2019 and in Glasgow in 2020. During these 30 minute slots I engaged with the audience and had a great time making gluten free katsu curry, a trio of mug cakes and classic gluten free plain scones and cheese scones.

Free From Fest Panel Talk

free from fest public speaking

I was asked to join a panel talk at the London Free From Festival in May 2019, where I sat alongside my fellow bloggers and friends My Gluten Free Guide and The Gluten Free Suitcase. There we discussed all aspects of gluten free life with an audience, prompted by our own questions as well as some impromptu ones from our compere. It was a great, off-the-cuff public speaking experience.


In March 2018 I worked with Waitrose on their Good Health campaign, to promote simple, fresh and healthy recipes using gluten free products in their Good Health range. As part of this campaign I was invited to an amazing cookery session with some fabulous bloggers at the Waitrose Cookery School in Kings Cross. I then created these two healthy gluten free pasta dishes as well as some social posts – you can find the recipe for them here.

FREEE by Doves Farm

gluten free cereal bar easy recipe freee by doves farm 62_EDIT

I have worked on a number of campaigns with FREEE by Doves Farm to promote their huge range of gluten free products. This has included an Easter-themed post, a ‘what I eat in a day’ Instagram stories and feed content for Coeliac UK Awareness Week and making a birthday celebration cake. I also created a cereal bar recipe for them which was a huge success!

Genius gluten free 

genius gluten free the gluten free blogger18

In 2017 I was involved in a brand ambassador campaign with gluten free bread brand Genius alongside some other fabulous free from bloggers. We spent a day with founder Lucinda baking gluten free bread, before I created a selection of blog posts and videos for them to highlight the product range. This included tips on a gluten free Christmas, a product haul, and a recipe for a boozy gluten free bread pudding.


As part of an ongoing partnership with Juvela I have created a number of recipes, including gluten free French toast and a gluten free lemon and pistachio drizzle cake traybake. I also worked on a really effective campaign with them during Coeliac Uk Awareness Week to share my diagnosis story and raise awareness of their gluten free starter packs.

Free From Heaven magazine

july favourites free from heaven magazine

In July 2017 I put together a piece for Free From Heaven magazine about my life with coeliac disease and my history as a gluten free blogger. My friend Mikey from Twisty Focus also took some great photos for it!

Tesco lactose free

Tesco Lactose Free Cookery Masterclass

I was kindly invited to a cookery masterclass with chef Lesley Waters for the launch of the Tesco Lactose Free range. I took part in the cookery event with some other food and free from bloggers, and wrote a post about the experience here.

Protein Pow

I’ve worked with the marvellous Protein Pow for a couple of years as a brand ambassador and love how the brand promotes healthy living and getting creative with food. I’ve attended several shows with owner Anna Sward, including FitCon and SFN, to sell the Pow products, promote the brand and help run the protein cooking workshops.

Old El Paso

I was very excited when Old el Paso launched their gluten free fajita kits, as was the rest of the gluten free community I think! I put together an Instagram post for them to help promote their new kits to the wider gluten free community.

Mash Direct


I’ve taken part in several campaigns with Mash Direct – I love their products and their ethos of fresh, farm cooked food which is all gluten free. I’ve worked on a recipe creation with them to promote their products in Morrisons, as well as another recipe creation for some Thai gluten free fishcakes for their Great Mashed Veg Off campaign.


One campaign I loved working on was the Nutribrex campaign to come up with five ways to use their gluten free granola. I decided to come up with five different gluten free breakfast ideas, which I put into a video and this blog post.


I took part in a campaign with spice brand Schwartz to promote their brand new gluten free mixes. For this I created a gluten free dinner party and invited some friends round for a Mexican feast. It might have been the hottest day of the year but the chilli and fajitas still went down a treat!

Gluten free articles

I have written a few pieces for magazines, papers and websites about gluten free living and blogging.

These include:

Want to work with me?

I love hearing from new brands and am always happy to discuss a variety of different projects, from blog posts and recipe creations to social campaigns and copywriting.

Drop me an email to [email protected] and we can chat.


I am always open to working with brands, my blog is a business and this is a part of how I generate my income to bring my readers so much free content.

I will not work with brands I don’t agree with, so if you own a weight-loss tea or meal-replacement drink, I’ll save you the hassle – please do not pitch your ideas to me.

My non-negotiable? I will ALWAYS maintain editorial integrity with any sponsored posts I publish.

I will not put forward any ideas that I do not agree with or think will be of use to my readers.