Triple Chocolate Fudge Heaven!


We used to sell Byron Bay cookies at work, and they looked so delicious it made me truly upset that I couldn’t try them. But then, when I went to visit my boyfriend this weekend, to my shock and delight his Mum had found GLUTEN FREE Byron Bay cookies!! And that was the start of a new love affair…

The Triple Choc Fudge Cookies (available in a 125g box, containing mini cookies) are actual chocolate heaven. Each little cookie contains chunks of white, dark and milk chocolate, as well asgorgeous fudge pieces.

Once you start the won't be able to stop!

The cookies are rich and deliciously chocolatey, and are certainly more-ish! They are moist and don’t completely crumble away when you take a bite, unlike most gluten free biscuits!

Definitely a word of warning – if you buy these, you will almost certainly eat the whole box without even realising. Definitely top of my shopping list next week!



  1. Suzanne Webb
    September 20, 2010 / 16:37

    Where did your Mum find the BYron Bay’s ?? I really would like to know, making my own cake is one thing but Bikkies need to be professional !

    • sarahhowells
      September 25, 2010 / 21:05

      We bought these in Sainsbury’s in Barnstaple in the Free From aisle, it’s probably worth checking your local store or ask them and see if they can get them in! 🙂 x

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