The best gluten free pastry…..EVER!

The best gluten free pastry…..EVER!

I have found a product that I am so excited about I simply have to insist that everyone goes and buys some right now!!

I first discovered the Baked to Taste range in a farm shop in Honiton, and later found their gluten-free pasties at Baggy’s Cafe in Croyde, North Devon (see my earlier review here)

This led to me revolutionising the pasty shop I work in at Croyde (The Old Cream Shop/Surfing Croyde Bay – come visit us for a range of gluten free treats, not that I’m plugging or anything…..)

Delicious apple pie Mum made with the sweet pastry!

I had spent years trying to get them to stock gluten free products but I decided to take the initiative.

I rang the company, got a price list, forced it into my manager’s hands along with the phone, et voila, our gluten free range was born!

I had no idea it would be so popular – we have sold more gluten free pasties than I could ever imagine, and I have met so many interesting coeliac-sufferers along the way!

But anyway, I may sound like I’m veering off the point, but stick with me here…

The thing that struck me the most about the pies was the pastry.

Actually, the pies were just all over delicious – but even my non-gluten free colleages remarked at how good the pastry was, some saying it was even better than “normal” pastry!

I noticed the company also sold ready-made pastry, and I had no choice – I had to try it!

This is officially the BEST gluten free pastry……IN THE WORLD!

I have never worked with anything like it!

Most gluten free pastry is impossible to roll without cling film holding it together, is impossibly crumbly or nightmarishly sticky.

This is like a dream.

Home made jam tarts, a luxury this pastry has made possible!

The pastry has an almost oily texture – it rolls without a struggle, it doesn’t stick to the work top, and it slips into the pie dish without even breaking.

I am literally blown away.

The rich shortcrust pastry is buttery, and melts in the mouth with just the perfect amount of crunch.

The sweet ready to roll pastry has an equally beautitful texture, with a subtly sweet taste perfect for apple pies!

I cannot recommend this product enough, so much to say I would almost be tempted to make this my gluten free product of the year!

For more info on the Baked to Taste range and to see their other products or purchase this amazing pastry, visit their website here.

If you have tried this product or any other amazing pastries – please comment below and let me know your thoughts!



  1. October 24, 2011 / 17:40

    Thanks for the recommendation! I’ve tried a number of their cakes in various National Trust cafes around Devon which are lovely, but am always on the look-out for good GF pastry!

  2. Fi
    October 26, 2011 / 07:45

    I love their sausage rolls and quiches, they really are something special! Homeleigh’s food hall (near Launceston) has a freezer full of GF goodies and quite a good range of other stuff too, well worth a visit if ever nearby.

  3. November 10, 2011 / 10:41

    I’m a sucker for pastries. I’m gonna try this and I might have to add this to my favorites list! Thank you so much. 🙂

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