Review: New gluten free pizza bases at Pizza Hut Restaurants

As a self-confessed gluten free pizza addict, I tested out the new gluten free pizza bases from Pizza Hut in Barnstaple…

Campaign to make Domino’s gluten free pizzas BIGGER!

Domino’s gluten free pizza – delicious, but tiny. Let’s campaign to make a change for BIGGER pizzas!

Pizza Hut: the final gluten free pizza-related post…for now

The last pizza post for a while I swear! This time I tested Pizza Hut’s gluten free offerings…

Gluten free Domino’s pizza….tasty, but only for the rich?

The wait is over – it’s finally here! Domino’s gluten free pizza is a tasty treat, but at that price, how did all the ‘normal’ people ever afford it!?