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The gluten free world has gone pizza crazy this month, and as such, my blog has been a little bit pizza-obsessed of late, much like myself!

Easy to make, loads of different toppings and always tasty, pizza for me is the ultimate food and if I could get away with it, I probably would eat it every day (and did, in fact, for several weeks as a student!)

I did in fact head over to Pizza Hut the week they launched their gluten free pizza, but then my trip to Uganda got in the way so here, my friends, is my somewhat belated review of their pizza!

The pizza, like Dominio’s (see my review of their pizza here) only comes in a small size (9″) and unlike everything else on the menu is square.

I guess this is to ensure it definitely doesn’t get mixed up with the other bases but this did leave me feeling a little disappointed.

I wanted to be able to go to Pizza Hut and finally enjoy eating ‘normal’ food, yet somehow I STILL end up with something that makes me look different.

I went for a Meat Feast (£9.25) and sat back and hoped for the best!

It is probably right to say the menu does state…..

“*We do handle wheatflour in our kitchens and have strict procedures to reduce contamination. Some pizza toppings may be made in a factory that handles wheatflour (gluten) please ask your server for more information.”

I think it is down to every individual to risk assess whether they feel safe eating there or not – but I took the chance and am pleased to report I didn’t feel any ill effects.

The pizza arrived with it’s own (ginormous!) pizza cutter, which I thought what a good touch to avoid contamination, and I tucked right in…

It looked good – plenty of topping and a reasonable amount of cheese!

I’ll be completely honest – after the exciting build up to this new gluten free base, I entered the restaurant feeling tremendously excited and left feeling, well, pretty deflated.

I found the tomato sauce topping extremely sweet, and the base made me feel as if I had stepped back in time to when I was first diagnosed.

It was nice and crispy round the edges, but I found to me it tasted ‘obviously’ gluten free – compared, in hindsight, to the tasty Domino’s base.

Although I enjoyed the experience of being able to eat at Pizza Hut, I think I will probably give it a miss in the future – sorry guys but for me if it was a competition, Domino’s won by a mile.

Have you tried the Pizza Hut gluten free pizza? What do you think? What’s your favourite gluten free pizza? Comment below with your thoughts!

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  1. Completely agree with you. I tried Pizza Hut and felt a bit let down, just like you did really. Lots of excitement and wanting to feel normal beforehand, but the taste wasn’t really worth the build-up!

    Domino Pizza – oh my! What a delightful surprise and it was so good, I had it twice in one week! I’m planning on working my way through their pizza topping choices, that’s my excuse anyway…

  2. Does Pizza Hut only have gf pizza in the UK?! None of them around Chicago seem to have it. Although since you prefer Dominoes over it, I guess I will just have to eat that instead!

  3. Interesting! I had the dominos one the other day when obscenely hungover and I thought it was great! Could have ate more of it even 🙂