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Anyone who knows me will know I am obsessed with pizza. The tang of pepperoni, the oozing cheese, the crunchy crusts (cheekily dipped in a little garlic mayo), I just can’t get enough. So when Pizza Hut Restaurants told me they had a new recipe for their gluten free pizza bases and they wanted me to test them out, I jumped at the chance.

I remember when Pizza Hut Restaurants first started doing their gluten free bases. I rang Steve so excitedly on the day – they were the first major chain in my area to start doing them – and demanded we go straight there for dinner. Before that, I hadn’t been into a Pizza Hut restaurant since my A Level days when I used to go with my friends and jealously watch them devour slices while I sipped on a coca-cola.

I’ll be honest, when I tried their gluten free pizzas the first time I wasn’t too impressed – but that has all changed. These news bases are pretty damn good!

Hers verses his: my gluten free pizza (left) and Steve's giant pizza!
Hers verses his: my gluten free pizza (left) and Steve’s giant pizza!

I was feeling quite ill when I received my voucher from Pizza Hut and not up to a restaurant trip, so we decided to order a takeout. The only thing better than pizza, is eating pizza in your pyjamas. Fact.

I went for a meat feast, packed with extra pepperoni (obviously) and a sneaky doubling up of cheese. While I tend to try and avoid dairy a lot of the time, I am in love with cheese and was in need of some proper comfort food!

The pizzas are different from Dominos or Pizza Express in that they are square shaped. I’m not too keen on gluten free foods being ‘different’ – most of the time I want to fit in and for my food to look like everyone else’s when I am eating out. But I guess this helps in the fact that it is very easy to identify straight away which one is the gluten free pizza.

Pizza pyjama party!
Pizza pyjama party!

There is also (still) only a one-size-fits-all option for the gluten free bases. This is a MAJOR grip of mine. No, I cannot eat gluten, but this does not mean I am on a diet. I want to gorge on giant pizzas, not eat a small one while my boyfriend demolishes one twice the size. But I digress, before I get into a rant on coeliac size-discrimination, back to the pizza in hand.

I was impressed with the quality of the new gluten free base at Pizza Hut. There was plenty of toppings which is always a bonus, and the base was a lot better than the previous one. It had that floppy texture which I love in a slice, where the end droops down, loaded with the weight of cheese and fiery meats, and the crusts have a delicious crunch and are great for dipping.

Yummy gluten free pizza!
Yummy gluten free pizza!

I had never expected I would buy from Pizza Hut but, to honest, I think I would probably choose them over Dominos now. Their bases were a really good quality and didn’t feel quite as grease overall as a Dominos can be. This is a great improvement and I would happily recommend Pizza Hut to any coeliac who is after a decent slice. Just please, Pizza Hut, wouldn’t it be so amazing if you were the first chain to offer a LARGE gluten free pizza? Just a thought…..

*I was sent a voucher to review the new Pizza Hut Restaurant bases but this has in no way influenced my honest review as a professional gluten free pizza eater. Click here to view their website or here to view their gluten free options.

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  1. I was so impressed with the Pizza Hut GF bases before but now you’re saying they’re even better I may have to try them again! I’m not a massive fan of the Domino’s GF bases but Pizza Express are okay. I used to think Pizza Hut was a bit crappy, but for GF you can’t go wrong! xx

  2. I have never had an issue with Pizza Huts gluten free pizzas! I only wish they had more gluten free options than just cheese or pepperoni but it makes me happy that they take cross contamination seriously there!! When I went to order a mushroom pizza, they warned me that there wasn’t a separate stash of mushrooms so CC could occur! So I stuck with cheese.

    As for dominos, after two almost ER visits, I will not visit again. No preparations to prevent cross contamination and they are facing many legal issues because of it…same surfaces, same everything! I’m happy to hear you have been okay so far with it though–maybe your location takes extra precautions!

    Highly recommend Brixx or Mellow Mushroom if you have them in your area. Both take tons of precautions to prevent cross contamination (seperate areas/ingredients/surfaces) and never once have I gotten sick! Check them out if you can 🙂

  3. I really wish there were larger sizes available too. The GF one is nice but tiny and no-one spends all day or week waiting for a tiny pizza. Also they need to think a bit more creatively. If GF Pizza, why not GF Garlic bread or many other things. If they have dairy free cheese such as Goats, why not use them on the breads too. Why have dairy free cheese but not dairy free ice-cream?

  4. If I travel in any where my first choise is Pizza Hut
    It’s my favorite resturant ever❤️


  5. The pizza was ok but they claim there are many gluten free salad bar options but the croutons were next to the onions and a croutons was in the onions then a child used the tongs to pick the croutons up…put it back with its fellow croutons then picked onions up with it. Would be good if the put the few gluten containing products on the salad bar , separate.