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You may have heard of Rule of Crumb if you’re a fan of the programme Dragon’s Den. The dragons may have been ‘out’ for hoteliers Colum McLornan and Claire Hunter but their idea for a gluten free product line wasn’t going to be extinguished that quickly – and it’s clear to see why.

With their funky packaging and deliciously-tasty range, they not only have a great range of products, but they are also trying to make life easier for those with coeliac disease. Extra bonus points for them!

Rule of Crumb's gluten free bread and muffins in their awesome packaging.
Rule of Crumb’s gluten free bread and muffins in their awesome packaging.

As Colum told Business Zone after their Dragon’s Dean rejection, Rule of Crumb offers an alternative for every meal:

Rule of Crumb was borne from our recognition as hoteliers of a void in the gluten-free supply chain to restaurants and other hospitality establishments. We knew first hand that the service industry needed time-effective gluten free products that allows it to cater to coeliacs and the growing segment of diners who have opted to go gluten free.

So what does their range include? Well, an awful lot, is the short answer to that question…

  • Frozen chicken products including gluten free chicken kievs, breaded chicken breasts and goujons.
  • Gluten free cod fish fingers and breaded cod fillets.
  • A selection of gluten free pies and tarts.
  • Gluten free baguettes, sliced loaves and muffins.
  • Gluten free cornflakes and choco balls cereal.

I was very kindly sent some of their products to try, and here’s what I thought…

Gluten free chicken goujons

rule of crumb gluten free dragons den review (4)

These were definitely my favourite product I was sent! I had them after the gym one night and took inspiration from the packaging, wrapping mine in BFree gluten free wraps.

I already raved about these a bit in my March Favourites blog post, but I was really impressed. The chicken was really tender and juicy and the breadcrumb coating had the perfect crunch – they were delicious.

Gluten free part-baked baguettes

rule of crumb gluten free dragons den review (1)

These were also really impressive. I love part-baked gluten free bread because it always had a lovely texture when you take it out of the oven and eat it warm- the closest to ‘real’ bread I have found. I had these gluten free white baguettes with turkey bacon and they were yummy.

The bread was really soft and not at all dry or crumbly – I think these would be just amazing to make garlic bread with and I’d like to get some more to test this out.

Gluten free blueberry muffins

rule of crumb gluten free dragons den review (5)

I have to admit, the photo of these is pretty bad as I was in such a hurry to eat them! These were lovely and would make a great brunch-snack or something for a lunchbox. The muffins were really soft and there were plenty of blueberries which provided perfect bursts of sweetness. They were really lovely – I’d definitely recommend them.

Overall, I was really impressed by Rule of Crumb. I love their branding and design and it makes a refreshing change to the sometimes ‘clinical’ look I find some Free From products can have. I think next on my list is definitely the chicken kievs!

I was sent these products to review by Rule of Crumb. Find out more about them, including their stockists, on their website here, or visit their online shop to order some goodies yourself!



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