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I was feeling a little worse for wear today (thanks for those birthday shots and cocktails guys!!!) and wanted something quick and effortless. Let me rephrase that – I wanted pizza.

Ideally I would have called Domino’s and begged them to plunder me with gluten free pizzas. But that’s far too expensive and not the best option for my poor, ever so slightly hungover body, so I raided the cupboards instead.

I found a pack of BFree wheat and gluten free wraps – bought from Asda – and got my thinking cap on. These could be the answer to my pizza problems!

Topped and ready to go into the oven.
Topped and ready to go into the oven.

A quick whizz through the fridge later and they were topped and in the oven in a matter for five minutes. And five minutes later they were being swiftly gobbled down!!

Because I used wraps it means these are much lower-carb than your usual, stodgy gluten free pizza base. I used goats cheese because I’m trying to avoid cows milk (makes me so bloated – does anyone else find that??) and a load of veg to try get some goodness in me.

You can really put anything you want on these, but here’s how I made mine…

Gluten free wrap pizzas

Our of the oven and ready to eat!
Our of the oven and ready to eat!

1 gluten and wheat free wrap

1 tbsp tomato topping – I used Loyd Grossman’s tomato and chilli sauce, because I was feeling lazy!

1/2 red onion

1/2 ramiro pepper

goat’s cheese – I used Lidl’s Petit Chebra, it’s so good and so cheap!

1/2 chicken breast (cooked)

2 tsp Sacla gluten, dairy and wheat free pesto

3 cherry tomatoes

  1. Preheat the oven to 200’C and place the wrap on a baking tray
  2. Spread the tomato topping over the wrap
  3. Chop the pepper, onion, cherry tomatoes and chicken, and slice the goat’s cheese
  4. Add the toppings to the wrap and bake for 5-7 minutes. Remove and enjoy!

wrap pizza

It really is that simple to make an easy, gluten free wrap pizza! What would you top yours with? Let me know your suggestions by commenting below!

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