Juicy gluten free burgers from The Black Farmer

Juicy gluten free burgers from The Black Farmer

So those of you that read my last post about The Black Farmer’s Daughter’s new meatballs will know I was holding out for some BBQ weather to try the burgers.

Well, sadly I gave in, as it looked like that was never going to happen.

Ironically enough, after I stuffed my face with the beef burgers, the weather has turned, so it’s a good job I kept the pork and apple burgers for future BBQ  possibilities!

But, enough waffle, and on to the good stuff….

I’ve been on a bit of a mission recently to try and cut down on processed carbs, so I decided to opt for veggies with my Black Farmer Beef Burgers instead of chips!

These burgers sure do pack a meaty punch – they are full to the brim of top quality beef.

They were really tasty, and you can tell they’re not filled with the usual processed crap that you find in many supermarket freezers.

Sold in packs of two, these meaty burgers would be great for the BBQ, or you can try them grilled as well!

With my grilled burgers I had mushrooms and red onions sauteed in butter, and a good helping of kale steamed and stirred in a tomato and garlic sauce.


You can buy these beauties at Ocado by clicking here.


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  1. Carol, Simply Gluten-free
    May 17, 2012 / 02:52

    Sounds delicious! Love the idea of veggies in place of chips 🙂

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