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I though with Christmas over, the free from world might quiet down a bit – but I was wrong. I think with everyone jumping on the new year’s resolutions, there have been a lot of new gluten free goodies on the shelves. From new gluten free stir fry sauces to gluten free pies and freshly baked gluten free breads, here are some of my favourites this month…

Tesco gluten free stir fry sauces

gluten free chinese sauces tesco

Er, if you haven’t seen these, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? Chinese cooking sauces sauces are one of those things I had given up yearning for long ago – so when I saw the Tesco’s own line was now all gluten free, I nearly cried in the middle of the aisle. I jest not. The range includes rice noodles and Singapore rice noodles, as well as:

  • Gluten free black bean sauce
  • Gluten free Chinese stir fry
  • Gluten free plum and hoisin sauce
  • Gluten free chow mein

As well as some of the other sauces which were gluten free before. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten so many stir fries in a week – Tesco have definitely earned themselves some brownie points.

Fresh gluten free bread from Sainsbury’s bakery

sainsburys bakery gluten free fresh bread

sainsburys bakery gluten free fresh bread

I don’t eat a lot of gluten free bread but I couldn’t resist picking up some of these goodies to try! These freshly baked gluten free breads from Sainsbury’s bakery look and FEEL amazing, just like real bread! I am yet to try them (tonight!!) but I cannot wait – and I have heard so many good things about them, I will keep you posted.

Deliciously Ella With Friends book launch

deliciously ella with friends

You may have already seen my latest post about the Deliciously Ella With Friends book launch – it was definitely one of the highlights of my month! My bestie Lauren and I travelled to London where we met Ella and got a fab goody bag with her new book included. The launch was great and I loved the food on offer at the Mae Deli. I’ve also really enjoyed cooking from the book as it’s quite different to my usual food! Watch my video about the launch here.

Pieminister gluten free pies

gluten free pieminister

gluten free pieminister

Hold the front page – these are literally THE greatest gluten free pies of all time. Pieminister launched its third gluten free pie this month: The Ranger. And the best bit? It has my name on it! The cheeky pies immortalised one of my over-excited tweets about them on their packaging, and that makes me pretty damn happy.

Trying ‘Tofoo’ tofu for the first time

toofoo gluten free tofu

I’ve always been intrigued to try tofu, so when I saw some Indian-spiced Tofoo in my local supermarket I thought it was worth a shot. I’ve been on my 8 Week Challenge this month so it was a good way to get in some protein with a low calorie count. Although I wouldn’t opt to eat soya-based products often, this was tasty and a nice change. It was a bit like halloumi in texture when I fried it, but not as tasty! It made a pleasant meal with a veggie curry though.

Protein Pow mixes and powder

protein pow whey powder gluten free

protein pow banana bread gluten free

I know, I know, I go on about Protein Pow ALL THE TIME. But you know what, I don’t care, because it’s AWESOME. I am so in love with these mixes and have been experimenting with all sorts! This month I’ve made everything from banana bread to broccoli bread – and lots of protein bars and balls in between. We’ve even started stocking them at the gym!

Sweet and Salty popcorn

metcalfes sweet and salty popcorn gluten free

When you need a late night, low calorie, low carb snack, popcorn just ticks all the boxes – especially when it’s sweet and salty. It’s my favourite of all the flavours and great if you just can’t decide if you’re in a sweet or savoury mood. This  Metcalfe’s popcorn has been my go-to at just 78 cals a bag, and I’ve eaten A LOT in January! It’s gluten free and delicious.

The Primal Pantry paleo bars

primal paleo bars

The Primal Pantry were kind enough to send me these beauties just before Christmas, and I have been steadily working my way through the range this month. These might be my favourite snack bar now – there are so many different flavours! The Brazil nut and cherry is my favourite, but I love them all and the packaging is super fun and funky too.

What were your January favourites?

I’d love to know if you’ve tried any of these gluten free treats, or if you’ve found anything better this month! Comment below with your thoughts or share them on my  FacebookTwitter or Instagram pages.

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