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OK, it’s been an absolutely age since I last posted a monthly favourites and I’m sorry! But it’s been a bit of a bumper month in the gluten free world and even though, somehow, it is already May, I thought I’d do a bit of a highlights reel for you! From trips to London, epic burgers, new gluten free products and some awesome experiences, here are some of my favourites from April 2018…

Gluten free pastries at Marks and Spencer

I think the arrival of new gluten free pastries at Marks and Spencer literally broke the internet. Pastries might be one of THE top foods on my gluten free wishlist, so to see them in a mainstream store is a revelation. I am still yet to actually see these appear on the empty space in my Marks and Spencer free from aisle, but I await their arrival with optimism! M&S has brought out gluten free croissants, gluten free Danish pastries and gluten free chocolate twists.

Bake With A Legend with Howard Middleton

I was very kindly invited to a Bake With A Legend class with the lovely Howard Middleton from Great British Bake Off. We made (attempted) a gluten free Battenberg cake, including our own lemon curd and marzipan! I teamed up with Becky Excell and we had a bit of a laugh, even if our Battenberg wasn’t quite up to our usual standard. The class was so much fun and I’d highly recommend you give one of Howard’s upcoming gluten free masterclasses a go!

New gluten free breads from Promise Gluten Free

The discovery of these new gluten free breads was definitely a highlight of April! The Promise Gluten Free line appeared in Sainsbury’s stores this week and they’re brilliant. I love the gluten free sliced white brioche and the chocolate chip rolls are TO DIE FOR. They have definitely become my pre-gym snack in a hurry!

Gluten free and vegan Cornettos

I was very pleased to see the sun finally make an (albeit short) appearance during April – it made a nice change from the snow! It also gave me a good chance to finally test out these new gluten free and vegan Cornettos. I was quite impressed, thought they seem a lot smaller than I remember Cornettos being pre-diagnosis!

BeFree Baguettes

It’s so good when you find a gluten free product that is actually a normal size!! These gluten free baguettes from BeFree are amazing – part bake them in the oven and they’re just like the bread I remember from my pre-coeliac days!

New gluten free buns from Leon

It’s always excited when you find something different to grab on the go for lunch. Leon has always been one of my absolute favourites but they’re really upped the game with their gluten free burger bun. You can have it with a chicken or veggie burger too, so everyone can enjoy it!

Gluten free fresh bread from Morrisons

For me, the more options there are when it comes to gluten free, the better. I finally found the new range of baked fresh bread from Morrisons and they look and feel amazing. I’m yet to try them, but I think the seeded cob and white rolls are first on the agenda!

What were your favourites?

It may be a bit of a short and sweet one this month, but I really wanted to jot down some of my favourite new gluten free discoveries as it’s been a whirlwind! if you think there are any I’ve missed out, comment below and let me know about them!

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  1. Oh my goodness pastries! shame the nearest M&S is 12 miles away 😂 and all the lovely foods you are showing,I’m putting on weight just looking yum 😋