May gluten free favourites: Gluten free desserts, ‘healthy’ Nutella and first Hocking’s ice-cream

gluten free monthly favourites may

May has flown by (and I must confess, I completely missed April, oops!) but I’m back with my monthly gluten free favourites – and this month it’s a bumper list! It was also MY BIRTHDAY so I had some exciting gluten free treats which I’ve shared with you here!

From gluten free fishcakes and new gluten free artisan breads, to home-mad bone broth and adventures around North Devon, I have a lot of different goodies and experiences to share with you this month!

Gluten and dairy free desserts from Pudology

gluten free monthly favourites may pudology millionaire's pudding

These decadent, gluten and dairy free desserts from Pudology are a little slice of heaven! They launched in Sainsbury’s this month and I bought the Millionaires’ Pud straight away to test them out. These puddings come in a small pot but this is plenty – they are very rich, but not too overpowering. I can’t wait to try the other flavours because this one was delicious – I can’t believe they’re dairy free too!

Simple bakes from Wellaby’s

gluten free monthly favourites may wellabys

If you’re a fan of crisps, I would recommend trying these Simple Bakes from Wellaby’s. They were kind enough to send me some to try and I found them very more-ish! The barbecue ones are delicious, they are kind of a cross between a gluten free cracker and a crisp, and would be amazing with a salsa dip. They’re something a little bit different and would be perfect for picnics.

Celebrating my birthday at SkyBar Croyde

I’ve wanted to go to SkyBar in Croyde every year it’s popped up here, and this year my bestie Lauren and I managed to go together to celebrate my birthday! We used to work in Croyde and it’s a place that holds a lot of fun memories. I’m hoping to do a little, separate round-up on my birthday weekend, but needless to say SkyBar was magical. We danced in the midst of a heatwave, ate the most amazing gluten free stilton fries from Lola’s Wings and sipped mojitos in the sun! It was perfect.

New chocolate nut butters from Meridian

gluten free monthly favourites may meridian cocoa hazelnut

Who else feels like they have been waiting forever for Meridian to bring out a healthier alternative to Nutella? I’m such a huge fan of their nut butters because they are palm oil free, so when they launched their brand new cocoa and hazelnut and cocoa and peanut butters, I went straight down to Tesco! I bought one of each and love them both – the hazelnut one is very rich, and very similar to Nutella, while the peanut one I just keep eating from the jar, it’s delicious. Thank you Meridian for bringing these into my life and making them gluten free!

New chilled gluten free food from Marks and Spencer

gluten free monthly favourites marks and spencer gluten free cheese and onion rolls

gluten free monthly favourites gluten free dinky sausage rolls

There’s always a Twitter flurry when Marks and Spencer launch some new Made Without Wheat products, so you can imagine it spread very quickly when some of these new gluten free chilled pastry products appeared! There and gluten free dinky sausage rolls, gluten free cheese and onion rolls (these remind me so much of school lunches!) and bacon and cheese puff pastry tarts too. My local M&S in Barnstaple also has a whole section for chilled free from products now, which is fab!

My feature in Red Fork Magazine

gluten free monthly favourites may 21

The lovely crew behind Barnstaple Real Food Market launched a brand new mini-magazine this month, and I was lucky enough to have a double page recipe in it! I featured these delicious gluten, dairy and egg free vegan doughnuts, and I was so pleased with how it all looked. I love supporting North Devon food and this was a great chance to find out about some new local producers!

Gluten free Tesco Finest fishcakes

gluten free monthly favourites gluten free fishcakes tesco

I spotted these gluten free Tesco Finest fishcakes doing the rounds on social media – they’re made with a gluten free crumb and they taste fantastic! I never really liked fishcakes as a child but these are completely different to any I’ve had before. It’s nice to see some ‘normal’ food becoming gluten free and I hope we see more of this trickling into the supermarkets.

Gluten free tiger loaf from Newburn Bakehouse

gluten free monthly favourites may

I’ve never had non-gluten free tiger loaf before, but when Newburn Bakehouse offered to send me some of their brand new gluten free tiger loaf from their artisan bread range, I thought I’d give it a go. It was lovely and soft and tasted very nice – it made an awesome bacon and egg sandwich! I don’t know how it compares to the non-gluten free bread, but it was very tasty.

First Hocking’s ice cream of the year!

gluten free monthly favourites may

And last but not least – I had my first Hocking’s ice-cream of the year! For those not familiar with it (WHAT!?), it is the absolute epitome of summer in North Devon, and the best ice-cream in the world, FACT. I enjoyed one on a not-so-sunny day in Instow just before my birthday, but it was absolutely amazing nonetheless.

What were your May favourites?

I’d love to know if you’ve tried any of these gluten free treats, or if you’ve found anything better this month! Comment below with your thoughts or share them on my  FacebookTwitter or Instagram pages.


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