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If you’re looking for a gluten free holiday in the UK, then Center Parcs in Longleat is a great place to go!

Having just returned from a Mon-Fri trip to the Longleat Center Parcs, I was really suprised by the amount of choice that was available to me as a coeliac.

Gluten free pancakes galore!

Steve and I visited Center Parcs with our friends Hannah and Lloyd, and it was honestly the most fun and revitalising week I have had in a long, long time!

If you are after a holiday that will leave you feeling healthy and refreshed (all dependent on the amount of wine consumed, of course!) then get to Center Parcs, hire a bike, hit the spa and don’t worry about not being able to eat!

The ParcMarket, the supermarket in the Parc, suprisingly stocks a good range of gluten free products.

There is a very small selection of gluten free pizzas (The DS version) and some (very!) expensive frozen pies which I didn’t try!

There is also a selection of gluten free basics, such as bread, flour, pancake mix, pasta and biscuits.

Eating out wise, my ultimate favourite was the Pancake House!

Tucking into a salad at Cafe Rouge

After asking and discovering they did gluten free pancakes (as well as omelettes, though I didn’t try these!) I indulged in several yummy pancakes over the week including the one pictured – with chicken, mushrooms, cheese and garlic mayo!

We also dined in Cafe Rouge, where they provided me with a menu showing what each meal contained.

Although there wasn’t a massive amount of gluten-free choices, I did enjoy a yummy salad with chicken, bacon and avocado….and a nice few glasses of rose wine!

Overall, I was really pleasantly suprised at the amount Center Parcs catered for coeliacs, and I barely went to half of the restaurants there!

Has anyone else been to Longleat or any of the other Center Parcs? Comment below and share your experiences!

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  1. Great post! I’ve always wondered what Center Parcs are like. Now we know we could visit and eat GF we’ve got no excuse not to get healthy!

  2. I have to say I was very pleasantly suprised – could have sat in the pancake house all day!!

  3. Dammit, I just came back from Longleat center Parcs myself and didnt even think to try the pancake house! Proves its always worth asking.

    Thanks for letting us know.

  4. I’m still struggling with the logistics of Eating out at Longleat. My daughter is a Coeliac and my son has a severe allergy to Dairy and Egg and whilst the Gluten free options may appeal to adults I’m doubtful they will be able to cater for us as a family…plus my daughter is 4 and my son is only 2 and so they are not as adventurous with their food as us adults! We are due to visit for 4 days in 2 weeks time and I have just been advised that they do not have freezers in the accommodation! Arghh! (I’m sure we’ll get round it but it’s mainly for G/F bread/ G/F Oven chips g/f Fishfingers but still – a teeny tiny freezer would make a world of difference)