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Gluten free sausages are some of the best around. They are normally gourmet sausages. Sausages with a high meat content and none of the added nasties. You don’t have to go for a specific Free From brand – I don’t begrudge paying a little extra because I know I’m paying for a higher quality product, not because it’s specifically made for the gluten free shelf. The choice of gluten free sausages is getting better and better, so here is my pick of the bunch…

Heck sausages

Chorizo style sausages are a win

This is the newest brand of gluten free sausage I have found on the supermarket shelf and I love them. I originally enjoyed the pork sausages on the barbecue, but more recently discovered the chorizo version and, oh my, was transported to sausage heaven. The pork variety have a 97% meat content, and the chorizo ones have a spicy tang, perfect for eating with sweet potato mash, or chopping up and adding to gluten free pasta.

Chicken sausages from Heck.
Chicken sausages from Heck.

I also more recently tried their chicken sausages, which I was equally impressed with. They are more like chipolatas, flavoured with mozzarella and tomato. They are much lower calorie than the pork versions (which means I can eat more, yay!) and made a nice change. I found these in Tesco on offer for £2.99 – keep an eye out, they are well worth a buy!

The Black Farmer sausages

Mmm, sausage bap!

The Black Farmer sausages were the first gluten free sausages I ever tried, and one of my first blog posts back when I was at uni! In my eyes they are the original coeliac-friendly sausage. Again, they are a more gourmet sausage, with a high meat content, and are available in most of the big supermarkets which is really handy. I love the pork, leek and chive flavour, though don’t see this so often, and The Black Farmer’s Daughter’s chipolatas are delicious and perfect party food.

Debbie & Andrew sausages

Debbie & Andrew's gluten free sausages.
Debbie & Andrew’s gluten free sausages.

Debbie and Andrew’s Harrogate sausages are gluten free, 97 per cent pork and another great option. Full and meaty, these sausages are also available in Tesco and Asda and are brilliant on the barbecue or with mash and gluten free gravy! Watch out though – only the Harrogate ones are gluten free, so don’t do what I did and accidentally assume they all were, oops. I used to eat a lot of these, but haven’t been able to pick them up in Sainsbury’s any more so have had to cut back a bit!

Glampig sausages

Super size sausages!

I love to support local businesses where I can, and Glampig are definitely one of my favourite local gluten free providers! All of their sausages, made in North Devon, can be ordered gluten free, and their brand new hot dogs which are like a spicy, awesome SUPER SIZE sausage are gluten free anyway, hurrah! These defy the ‘gluten free logic’ (where free from products seem to be unnaturally smaller than their ‘normal’ counterparts) because they’re big and weighty and they taste bloody marvellous.

What’s your favourite brand of gluten free sausage? Share your suggestions below!

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