Could you go gluten free for a week?

If you aren’t a coeliac or you are and you know someone who’s up for a challenge, then this is definitely something for those brave enough!

Got a friend who mocks you for being a “fussy eater”? A partner who eats separate gluten-containing foods to you, or a family member who is constantly telling you “I don’t know how you do it!”?

Well now is the time to call upon these people, as Coeliac UK have announced today it’s asking the public to take the Gluten-free Challenge for a week in a May to raise awareness of the daily frustrations we coeliac-sufferers face.

The Gluten-free Challenge will take place from 16-22nd May 2011 and Coeliac UK is encouraging the nation to take up the challenge and experience cooking, shopping or eating-out gluten free.

Sarah Sleet, Chief Executive of Coeliac UK said: “You may be surprised by how good some gluten-free products are and how many naturally gluten-free dishes are on the menu. But you will be frustrated by the unnecessary limitations on your diet.”

“By taking the Challenge you will be doing your bit to help get the change that is needed. Popping into your local café and asking what they have which is gluten-free is spreading awareness and will encourage caterers to offer more options for customers.”

There are a range of activities that people will be able to get involved with, including:

  • Get your office to go gluten-free for work lunches or the office biscuits
  • Invite friends to take part in Come Dine Gluten-free, taking it in turns to shop for gluten-free ingredients and cook gluten-free meals throughout the week
  • Go out for dinner with friends and all order gluten-free options to make sure that eating establishments know about the demand for gluten-free food
  • Schools can hold a gluten-free cake stall or cook a gluten-free recipe in food technology classes
  • Talk to your local restaurant and ask them to take up the Gluten-free Challenge by displaying information and providing gluten-free options on their menu
  • When you’re out shopping, check the back of packets to see how many items include gluten and choose the gluten-free options
  • Get sponsored for the week if you’re taking on the Gluten-free Challenge.

Coeliac UK will be launching a dedicated area for the challenge on their website which will include recipes and cooking tips, information on gluten-free products and what to look out for when shopping. They will also be encouraging people to sign up and pledge they are going to take on the Gluten-free Challenge.

As a strong supporter of Coeliac UK, I will be hoping to follow some people taking part in the challenge, and updating all you guys with their progress! So if you know someone interested in taking part or you are hoping to take part yourself, please email me on: and you could be featured on The Gluten Free Blogger!



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