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I almost had a meltdown in Sainsbury’s this weekend – and not in a bad way. I knew that some new, chilled free from products were on the horizon at the end of September and I had been dying to see what was on offer. All I knew was it would involve pizza.

At first I felt a little heartbroken as I searched the aisles to try and find it – surely even Barnstaple Sainsbury’s would get these new gluten free goodies? But then, low and behold, I saw it. A whole end of an aisle with ‘Free From’ banners – it was there!

gluten free sainsburys free from aisle

And my, oh my, it certainly did not disappoint! I spent way too long standing there staring at it (got some weird looks from the man on the fish counter opposite!) – here is a run down of the gluten free foods I found…

Fresh gluten free pizza

Yes. FRESH GLUTEN FREE PIZZA. Do I even need to say anymore?

fresh gluten free wheat free pizza sainsburys

Anyone who knows me will know I basically am in a long-term relationship with pizza (sorry Steve). The new Sainsbury’s gluten free pizzas in the frozen section which came out a couple of months ago are delicious, so I can’t wait to try these.

In fact, by the time this is published, I probably will have! I found margarita, barbecue chicken and pepperoni pizzas – bigger than the frozen ones – and they looked good.

Dairy free cheeses – and lots of them!


I still eat dairy but a lot of gluten free people are also dairy intolerant, and I think these dairy free cheeses will be met with a lot of love. It looks like the best dairy free cheese range I’ve ever seen, and I’m sure a lot of vegans will love it.

gluten free dairy free cheddar style cheese sainsburys

There was pre-grated dairy free cheddar, a dairy free Greek cheese, dairy free Wensleydale style cheese with cranberries, and a few other varieties of this vegan-friendly cheese as well.

gluten free dairy free garlic spreadable cheese sainsburys

There were also some spreadable cheeses, included a plain one and a garlic and herb one. All of these cheese replacements seem to be made with coconut. As a die-hard cheese fan I’d be interested to know how they compare – has anyone tried them? Comment below if you have as I’d love to know what they’re like!

Fresh gluten free pasta ready-meals

As well as a gluten free lasagne, which, let’s face it, is the gluten free ready meal of choice for most brands, there was also a gluten free vegetable lasagne and a gluten free spinach and ricotta pasta too. In my excitement, I think I forgot to take a picture though!

Fresh gluten free pies (sweet and savoury)

gluten free wheat free apple pie sainsburys

Miss the comforting dessert of warm apple pie? Well, miss out no longer, as among there new range is a gluten free apple pie and it looks marvellous! There are also a load of gluten free savoury pies including a steak pie and a chicken pie.


As well as their own range, there seem to be some new No G products too, including a few pies and quiches, a pork pie and a sausage roll, which was very tasty!


Gluten free fresh breaded fish

This is something I’ve been hoping for – and finally they have delivered! There’s gluten free breaded cod, gluten free breaded haddock fishcakes and these delicious-looking gluten free ‘melting middle’ cod fishcakes, which I think I’m going to have to try!

gluten free wheat free breaded fish sainsburys free from

I think some stores also have reported fresh gluten free chicken kievs as well, though they didn’t have any on our shelves in Barnstaple. These are all wheat free too.

gluten free wheat free breaded fish sainsburys free from

Gluten free fresh quiches

The final thing I spotted in the Sainsbury’s own brand goodies were these lovely looking quiches. They seemed to have two varieties – a broccoli and tomato and a cheese and onion quiche, both wheat and gluten free.

gluten free wheat free quiche sainsburys

I’m really impressed with the continuing roll-out of gluten free products from Sainsbury’s. I wonder if perhaps they got a little worried about being out-done by all the new Morrison’s and Tesco products, but it seems they have bounced back with style.

What gluten free, wheat free or dairy free products would you like to see Sainsbury’s bring out next? Have you spotted any other new goodies? Comment below and let me know – I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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  1. yay this is so exciting we have been deprived for so long……and at a good price too! Well done Sainsburys 🙂 🙂