Gluten and dairy free banana, date and walnut cake recipe

Gluten free banana cake is one of my favourite ways to use up over-ripe bananas, and this gluten and dairy free banana date and walnut cake takes it to a whole new level. The sticky, dates and syrup makes this super indulgent, and the bananas add a stodgy sweetness which…

Gluten, egg and dairy free red velvet doughnuts to celebrate 10k

This week I was very excited to hit the 10,000 follower mark on my Facebook page and to celebrate, I wanted to make gluten free doughnuts! I’ve made several varieties of baked, gluten free vegan doughnuts before, but I’d been dying to make gluten free red velvet doughnuts for ages.…

Gluten and dairy free breakfast pancakes with caramelised coconut bananas

I think breakfast is my favourite meal of the day – and nothing is better than gluten and dairy free pancakes. Nothing, that is, except for topping those gluten and dairy free pancakes with caramelised bananas and a sticky, coconut caramel sauce. This, my friends, is the breakfast of champions.…

Gluten free banana bread doughnuts with Caramac topping (also egg free, can be made dairy free)

Where do I even start with how delicious these gluten free banana bread doughnuts are, let alone the sweet and nostalgic Caramac topping? Light and airy baked doughnuts (the doughnuts alone are also dairy free, egg free and vegan) with the warm sweet tones of banana and cinnamon, coupled with…

Recipe: Gluten free banana protein pancakes

With one week to go until Pancake Day (February 28), I am sharing with you my all-time favourite gluten free pancake recipe for banana protein pancakes!

Maple peanut glazed baked doughnuts – gluten free, dairy free and vegan

This gluten free doughnut recipe is also dairy free, egg free and vegan – and EXTREMELY addictive. Peanut maple glaze on a teff-based doughnut = heaven.

Chocolate avocado mousse: gluten free, dairy free, vegan Valentine’s Day recipe

Need a healthy dessert recipe for Valentine’s Day? These chocolate mousse pots are made with avocado and are gluten free, dairy free, egg free, nut free and vegan – perfect for anyone to enjoy with their loved one!

Gluten free, grain free, oat free spicy winter granola

This winter spiced gluten free, dairy free granola recipe is also grain free and oat free! Try it for a tasty breakfast treat on those cold winter mornings.

Gluten and dairy free Christmas spiced protein cookies

These gluten free, dairy free spiced protein Christmas cookies are so simple to make and a great healthy Christmas treat! Watch the video on how to make them here.

Simple and quick home made gluten free nachos

These brand new Tesco gluten and dairy free cheese flavoured nachos make an awesome bowl of nacho goodness, topped with fresh, home made guacamole…