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Coeliac Awareness week (16th-22nd May) is around the corner, so why not host a gluten-free dinner party for your friends?

The aim of the week, run by Coeliac UK, is to raise more awarness of coeliac disease – and make gluten-free living easier.

During the week, Coeliac UK are hoping people will sign up to take the Gluten-free Challenge.

Kate Newman, PR Consultant at Coeliac UK explains more:

“What we are hoping is that the nation will do something gluten-free during the week to help raise awareness of the condition and also experience what it is like for the 1 in 100 people in the UK who have coeliac disease and living on a strict gluten-free diet day in day out.”

“We would love people to go gluten-free for the whole week – doing all their cooking, shopping (checking the packets for every ingredient) and eating (at home, at work and out in restaurants) entirely gluten-free so they get the whole picture. However, by doing just one thing such as going out to a restaurant and asking what is on offer that is gluten-free, or doing a gluten-free cake stall or asking a local café or canteen to put on a gluten-free dish during awareness week will all be helping to raise awareness!”

If you’re interesting in signing up, you can do so by clicking here.

As part of my uni project, I went to investigate how you can host the perfect gluten free dinner party, by speaking to people in Bournemouth.


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