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I have ALWAYS wanted to make a gingerbread house and this week I finally got a chance to do so – with a gluten and dairy free gingerbread house kit!

asda gluten free gingerbread house kit

Asda has brought out a gluten free and dairy free gingerbread house kit for Christmas and when one of my readers suggested on my Facebook page I try it out, I thought it would be a great challenge for my Vlogmas series on my Youtube channel.

I teamed up with my bestie Lauren Welland and after making the gingerbread components at home we got together at her house with a VERY festive backdrop she made to try and piece it all together using icing and a LOT of sprinkles!


You can watch our amusing attempt at creating a not-so-perfect gluten free gingerbread house here – and scroll down for some more thoughts! Find out how Lauren created this gorgeous Christmas backdrop here.

First impressions

I really liked the gingerbread house box, the house on the packaging didn’t look too complex and made me feel like it was achievable!


The instructions were clear but my only gripe was that when I cut out the template, it cut the instructions in half! It meant I had to try and piece it back together when figuring out what to do next. Otherwise, I was excited to get stuck in!

Making the gingerbread

I followed the instructions to the letter on the box adding golden syrup and egg. The gingerbread smelt divine and I popped it in the freezer as instructed before trying to roll it. The box recommended rolling between cling film but it was such a sticky mixture it was even sticking to that!


In the end I had put flour on the dough, the rolling pin AND the clingfilm to be able to roll it and then maneuver the cut-out shape onto the baking sheet. It was fine once I had sussed that out and I had plenty of gingerbread left over to create some extra trees and snowmen (which later became doors!!)

Assembling the house

After a *minor* hiccup in breaking one of the walls before I had even started, we mixed up the icing and got to work constructing our house. This was much easier than I expected, despite having accidentally created some wonky pieces!


The icing dried quickly and made a good solid cement to hold our house together. We slathered plenty of icing ‘snow’ on to hide the joins and attempted to copy the design on the box. I have to say we added some extra sprinkles for embellishment!

This house was so much fun to make and fairly fool-proof – it would be perfect to make with children but equally as two (apparent) grown ups we had a great time making it!

How did it taste?

I really liked the gingerbread! Lauren thought it was a little on the spicy side but said you couldn’t actually tell it was gluten free. I was really impressed with the taste – we eventually smashed it up (we couldn’t help ourselves!!) and got stuck in and it was delicious.


Highly recommended for a few hours of fun and a tasty treat to nibble on for some time after that! I bought my gingerbread house kit for £4.50 but I believe it is currently £4!

You can subscribe to my Youtube channel and watch my whole Vlogmas series here. Have you made a gluten free gingerbread house? Comment below and let me know or share your photos on my  FacebookTwitter or Instagram pages.

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