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So, I went home this weekend to find that my boyfriend Steve had decided to suprise me by making me a cake! This being the first cake he has ever made, I was intrigued to find out what it would taste like! (He will kill me when he sees that :P)

The photo does not do this piece of cake jusitce!

I was even more suprised to find out that he had used Polenta in making it! I have never heard of using Polenta in cakes – I have had it the traditional, italian way but never cooked using it otherwise.

But my God, it was honestly the yummiest gluten free cake I have ever tasted, and for that Steve should be very, veyr proud!

Taken from the Sainsbury’s Magazine (see below for recipe) this cake was so deliciously moist, which deserves more praise than anything else. You may think I’m being biased, but gluten free cakes are always so dry and crumbly, and this was a breath of fresh air in comparison!

The wonderful cake-baking Steve and I

The cake was not only made with polenta, but also contained ground nuts which gave it extra texture and flavour.

The lemon drizzle on the top gave it a tangy edge, perfectly contrasting to the sweetness of the sponge. Overall, big brownies points for Steve for this one!

Let this not diminish his manly status though – he still managed to retain full macho-ness by eating far more of the cake than I did!

So here’s the recipe, courtesy of Sainsbury’s Magazine:

(c) Sainsbury's Magazine

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