Phil Vickery’s Turkey Burgers

For Christmas, I received a copy of Phil Vickery‘s book Seriously Good Gluten-Free Cooking. Today, after exhausting my selection of ready meals, I decided to give one of the recipes a go!

This book has some amazing recipes in it, and something for every occassion. It consists of simple, good food, with the odd posh dish, and with so many delicious menus to choose form it took me ages to decide!

In the end, I decided to go for the Juicy Turkey Basil and Corn Burgers, and my God they were good! As I can’t really copy the recipe on here for copyright reasons, all I can say is GO OUT AND BUY THIS BOOK! It’s amazing!

And for a little teaser, here’s a step by step photo guide of my delicious dinner tonight… (note, if you have this recipe, you may notice that I added a few little bits of my own – red onion, and garlic mayo, yum!)

The mixture all ready to go…yum!
Taking the shape of burgers…

Fry up with a glass of wine...*ahem*
Delicious turkey burgers, a yummy dinner!

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