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Nearly nine months ago I had my thyroidectomy, and my scar is still on the mend!

I thought for those of you that are interested, I would post up some more photos documenting the progress of my scar!

I find it quite fascinating to actually look back on these and see how much it has healed – I hope I’m not the only one!

Just a few more months and it will have been a whole year since my thyroid was removed.

So has it been worth it?

In short….yes.

I feel like my levels have just about evened up now (and now the summer is over and I’m not doing 50-hour weeks anymore, I’ll be able to find time to get a blood test to see if they have!)

I feel less tired all the time – yes I am still knackered as soon as it hits 9pm, but I think this is just the demands of seasonal work!

Therefore, the next few months will be the real teller!

Amazingly (touch wood and pray!!) I haven’t yet suffered from the weight gain I was expecting post-op.

Perhaps this is something to do with having this operation at such a young age and it is all going to hit me in a few years time? We shall see, but let’s hope not!

Now my scar has faded so much, I also decided to be brave and give my scraggly hair a chop!

Not so tidy at the moment….but at least I can’t hide by scar behind it and I have nothing to do but flaunt it!

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  1. I just stumbled across your posts about your thyroid scars and I had a thyroidectomy back in February. It’s been 9 months and my scar doesn’t seem to look like yours after 9 months. I can’t tell by your photos, but is your scar slightly raised? I went to the doctor and he suspected it might be hypertrophic scarring. =/ Do you use any creams to minimize the appearance of the scar?

  2. Yes mine is slightly raised – in my opinion the nurses removed my staples too early and my incision came open a little in the middle – hence the larger part of the scar then. Mine is still a little raised in the middle (one year post surgery – new post with pics coming soon!) but it is definitely becoming smoother. It seems to have smoothed out more in the last few months than the rest of the year!! I use Bio Oil twice a day every day to try to minimize the appearance, but nothing apart from this. I hope this helps!

  3. After 7 month of having my thyroid surgery I still feel a tightness in my thyroid area. Is this normal?