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There are many amazing charities working in the UK, and when I approached by Endometriosis UK to contribute a gluten free recipe to their Pink Pants Tea Party packs, I was more than happy to help.

Endometriosis is a chronic condition with no cure, and affects around 1.5million women, according to Endometriosis UK.

This September, the charity will be asking its supporters to hold a Pink Pants Tea Party.

To make sure there is a gluten free option, I came up with this perfectly pink gluten free flapjack recipe.

In my eyes, white chocolate and raspberry is the ULTIMATE combination.

The tart raspberries and super sweet white chocolate just marry together to create this amazing combination.

They also conjure up the most beautiful swirl on the topping of this gluten free flapjack recipe, making it perfectly pink and eye-catching on the tea-party table.

gluten free flapjack recipe white chocolate and raspberry flapjack
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gluten free white chocolate and raspberry flapjack recipe 6

This recipe does use gluten free oats, but if you cannot tolerate these (some people with coeliac disease find they cannot have oats either, even if they are gluten free) you could use rice flakes (found in the free from aisle as rice porridge flakes).

It will make the flapjack a slightly different texture, but will still be delicious and have that flapjack ‘feel’.

For me this recipe is the perfect pairing of sweet and tartness from the raspberries.

I used frozen raspberries because they are cheaper, and it works just as well as they just mush down when you create the jam anyway.

This gluten free flapjack is really easy to make and will keep you coming back for more! 

gluten free white choc raspberry flapjack recipe 2
gluten free white choc raspberry flapjack recipe 2

So if you want to give this a go, just follow the recipe below – and make sure you share it with your friends by signing up to hold your own Pink Pants Tea Party in aid of Endometriosis UK.

Find out more and sign up here.

gluten free flapjack recipe white chocolate and raspberry flapjack
Yield: 12

White chocolate and raspberry flapjack

A delicious gluten free flapjack recipe with a white chocolate and raspberry swirl topping. Perfect for Pink Pants Tea Party Month.


For the flapjack

  • 125 g butter
  • 100 g brown sugar
  • 4 tbsp honey
  • 250 g gluten free oats

For the topping

  • 220 g raspberries
  • 40 g honey
  • 200 g white chocolate


  1. Preheat the oven to 175'C/Gas 4/350'F. Line a tray with baking paper.
  2. First make the jam for the filling/topping. Place the raspberries and honey into a pan, bring to the boil and simmer gently for around 10 minutes. Allow to cool for 10-15 minutes.
  3. To a large pan, add the butter, sugar and honey. Once melted, add the oats and mix well until combined. Take off the heat.
  4. Place half of the oat mixture into the lined tray, and press into the bottom until it lined the bottom of the tray. Pour over half of the cooled raspberry jam and smooth over so it covers all the oats.
  5. Cover the jam with the remaining half of the oats, press down until smooth and place in the centre of the oven for 30 minutes until golden on top.
  6. Allow the flapjack to cool completely before topping.
  7. For the topping, break up the white chocolate and melt. Once melted, pour over the flapjack (still in the tray) and smooth over until it covers the entire thing.
  8. Add dollops of the jam mixture on top, and then use a knife to swirl the mixture together and create a pretty pattern.
  9. Cool completely in the fridge before cutting into bars or squares. Top tip - heat the knife in some hot water before cutting to allow it to cut through the topping without cracking it. Enjoy!

What is your favourite gluten free flapjack recipe? I’d love to hear your suggestions in the comments below, or on my Facebook  Twitter and Instagram pages!

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  1. Hi, can i use maple syrup instead of honey? I have a little baby and would love to be able to share with her but she cabt eat honey. Sounds so delicious! I want to use this recipe and give it a go with a little tweak.