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Mrs Crimble’s was one of the first gluten free treats I ever tried. Back when I was diagnosed with coeliac disease, the gluten free coconut macaroons were one of the only products to grace the Free From shelves, next to the loaves of ‘bread’ which were so solid you could use them to build a house.

Things have changed a lot in those days (though, thankfully, the macaroons remain the same!) and when Mrs Crimble’s offered me the chance to try out their two new products, I put the diet aside for a day and indulged! How could I say no?


The lemon slice and country slice looked amazing when they arrived – wrapped in crisp blue paper and perfect for a picnic. I could definitely see these laid out on a party platter or picnic blanket. The lemon slice has a gorgeous icing design on the top, and the country slice makes me feel all ’old school’, like I am enjoying my Mum’s homemade fruit cake.

Here’s what I made of these two products…


Gluten free country fruit slice

The gluten free country fruit slice from Mrs Crimble's.
The gluten free country fruit slice from Mrs Crimble’s.

This was my favourite of the two cakes, a deliciously moist slice crammed with fruit, laid on a crunchy, sweet pastry base. The contrast between the cake and the pastry made for a great texture when you bit down on it.

There was loads of fruit in the cake, without it being overpowering, and it was dotted with pretty iced sugar on top.

These cakes looked so appealing and I was really impressed with their texture. A lot of the time cakes are obviously gluten free by their crumbly nature, but these didn’t fall apart at all.

They got a satisfied grunt from my hungover brother – an achievement in itself – so they must be good! I would definitely buy these again, and I think they will be a great one to remember for the next time we have to bring cakes into the office.


Gluten free lemon slice

The gluten free lemon from Mrs Crimble's.
The gluten free lemon from Mrs Crimble’s.

This was a much sweeter cake, it reminded me of the Mr Kipling cakes I have a vague recollection of enjoying many years ago! I love it when gluten free cakes have icing on top, I think a lot of the supermarket cakes look so boring and plain, this made me feel a bit more ‘normal’.

This cake had the perfect combination of sweetness and tang. The lemony flavours were not overpowering and the icing wasn’t too sweet – it was just right. I don’t think I could have eaten a lot of these (whereas the country slices I could have devoured the whole pack!). One of these was perfect to enjoy with a cup of tea.

Mother also enjoyed these, getting a double thumbs up from her. Which is good, because I gave her the rest of the packet to finish off so I didn’t ruin my diet too much!


Overall a good selection from Mrs Crimbles. Their coconut macaroons will always, I think, be a treat for many coeliac disease sufferers and it’s great to see they are still developing their products to make sure every coeliac has something yummy to enjoy for a treat with a nice cup of tea!

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