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For my second episode of Vlogmas I threw together a quick and easy gluten free, dairy free and oat free granola! You can watch the recipe and find out how to make it here:

I’ve been really struggling recently to eat breakfast – I don’t know if its the dark mornings, a stressful few months, bad eating habits or a combination of all three, but I rarely wake up hungry at the moment and if I do try and eat I end up feeling sick.


I decided to make this granola to try something new – and I am pleased to report I felt fine after eating a bowl of this with some almond milk!

The cinnamon and ginger make this a deliciously warming dish for the dark mornings – you could even try it with warm milk – and the crystallised ginger adds a burst of sweetness and tang.


It’s made with quinoa flakes to make it oat free too (oats are gluten free where not cross contaminated, but some people do have sensitivities) and grain free.

I really hope you enjoy this recipe, and my festive Vlogmas series!


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